The New Church Ladies

The New Church Ladies

In 2017, I didn’t anticipate I would be writing an article about a movement that rivals the temperance movement of the past but here we are. We are now in the world of a new pro-PC temperance era type movement and the left is leading the way. Temperance is defined as “ moderation, or self-restraint in action, self control etc.” The Temperance movement was a movement that came to prominence during the 19th and early 20th centuries lead mostly by women who were fighting for moderation or in most cases the total abstinence of alcohol. Often these women were tied to religious groups. Want to know who these new leaders in temperance are?

Who are the new church ladies of 2017?

It’s the left, especially your trigger warning, PC hungry Antifa and alt-left types and they are coming for you, at home, at work, at your local store.

We have reached a point where we no longer teach our children to be strong, to fight back, to hold it together in the face of fear or disagreement but to build little spaces where no one can hurt their feelings or they are a bigot. Everyone must live on the leftist plantation and support their fake push for utopia. What happened to having a backbone and having to hear opinions you disliked or maybe even being treated unfairly or getting your feelings hurt? While these things sure don’t feel good, they are necessary to harden you in a tough world, and to build you up in character and strength. That has fallen by the wayside and now the new church ladies, the modern day pearl clutchers have started a push against free speech often in the name of equality.

In the past, Temperance movement members were first considered extremists, but as they pushed their beliefs under the guise of religion and moral high ground they slowly began to become more and more radicalized until eventually they were able to push for the passage of prohibition in the United States with the passage of the Eighteenth Amendment.

They slowly started with moderation, pushing for alcohol in smaller more controlled and morally accepted amounts.

Than they came for the alcohol all together, seeing it as an evil that should be eliminated for the better of society as a whole.

The new alt-left and Antifa are the new temperance movement with an all out assault on free speech and diversity of thought.

It started with lists of topics that were considered off limits or no longer ok and then they became more and more radicalized and we saw platforms like Twitter or Facebook begin to clamp down on speech they find offensive or immoral. We have now reached a point where the modern day pearl clutchers, the new church ladies, have come out dressed in full uniforms of black masks, bandannas and are using violence to silence voices they don’t like and wage a full on war on free speech, an effective push for new prohibition.

What the new pearl clutchers are not counting on is the shift in culture. Inevitably, as always culture always shifts and we are already seeing a shift in culture to conservatism especially in the upcoming generation Z who is more conservative than the previous millennials. These modern day temperance movement members have their hands in the honeypot and believe it will always be this way, a left dominate culture. Historically, the mean always shifts back towards the opposite ideological spectrum or at the least back to center. The left are the champions of censorship and guardians of free speech. They have unknowingly become the very opposite of what their core beliefs used to stand for. Like members of the temperance movement who ostracized and called for burning at the stake of those who indulged in alcohol, the left uses words like “nazi,” and “bigot” to ostracize people in the modern age who do not conform to their belief system. They force people to comply. Like the temperance movement eventually lead to prohibition and the formation of an underground culture escaping the social repression of the movement so the left represses free speech and freedom of thought. This is pushing conservatism underground in some ways and has created an entire sub, counter-culture escaping the repression of ‘safe spaces,” and thought policing.

History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes, and we need not to look further than history to see that forced censorship and repression always lead to rebellion.

Than a counter culture to the rebellion arises and a new generation emerges like peeling off a layer of dead skin, regrowth always happens. Its inevitable.

The most interesting part of the modern day temperance movement pushed by the safe spacers and groups like BAMN and Antifa is they don’t even realize they have become the very things they used to hate.

They don’t comprehend that they have abandoned their core values and are now the enforcers, the new church ladies, the pearl clutchers.

Dare not step out of line or face public shaming and ostracization. The diversity and tolerance agenda they push is so blatantly hypocritical that its painful – and yet they cant see it. While we must deal with their cultural Marxism and censorship in the short term do not despair for in everything there is a season and the counter culture will prevail. It already has since the election of Trump set in to motion and the no fun, pearl clutchers are on their way out, no temperance in the age of Trump. No new pearl clutching for generation z and no new church ladies to be seen.