I’m Offended! My Poor, Poor Feels!

I'm Offended! My Poor, Poor Feels!

I need some catharsis, so this might get loud! Maybe a lot of exclamation points. But mostly you’ll glean my confusion. How, exactly, are the right-wing and left-wing different again? I have heard since in college the left-wing—at least the farthest tip of it—declaring for free speech rights to only extend to speech with which they agree, which is wholly subjective and increasingly convenient to keep these children safe from ideas they do not like. And for an equal number of years, I have heard most of the right-wing decry this as anti-America, unconstitutional, and just plain stupid. But ever since the #TakeAKnee thing has been happening, I haven’t been able to distinguish the left from the right.

Look, if you’re a right-wing person, or any person, and you say you’re offended by people disrespecting our National Anthem and metaphorically—hell, even literally—pissing on the flag, I don’t really care. You’re going to get offended by what you’re going to get offended by. But since this has started, I have viewed countless people on the right act just like the babies on the left, by acting as if they have an inherent right, inborn as Americans, to not be offended. Listen, you hypocritical, hysterical babies: You don’t!

Get angry. Get mad. Boycott! Help out and show your support for military families by taking part in Halsey English’s NFL Challenge. It’s a good thing, and in no way do I care if someone is offended, even though I’m not.

Why am I not offended? Listen, and listen closely: The flags being disrespected are not your flags. They’re mass-produced pieces of fabric. And to ascribe to these pieces of fabric all of this power is literally the same as the left ascribing to Confederate statues the power over their lives. You don’t like it when the left does it; I don’t like it when the left does it. So why do it? If someone wants to disrespect a flag, so what? It’s not yours. The same with the Anthem. So what? You can listen to the song any time and fap if you want, for Pete’s sake. If you love it so much, put it on repeat in your iPod and shed a tear every time it plays. Why do you care that someone disrespects it?

And, oh, I already know the top-two complaints I’m going to hear. 1) “It’s the military and their sacrifice! How dare you not care about their sacrifice!” 2) “I have a right to be offended! It’s more than fabric to me; it’s my nation!”

Okay, let me address these points here. And if I come across condescendingly as if I’m speaking to little kids, good! That’s my intent, because little kids is precisely what you remind me of, especially the right-wing on this issue! Get the hell over yourselves!

1: The Military!

One of the things I most disdain about the radical left-wing in today’s America is that, by and large, they’re middle-class white kids who pretend to be offended for minorities. Case in point, the white lady who whined about a white man using a southern accent around a black man, claiming to be offended for that black man, and the white man got fired from his job, even though the black man wasn’t offended… because he had enough sense to know that talking in a southern accent isn’t done to make fun of black people; it’s done to make fun of southern people. And you can find these examples all over: White people pretending to be offended for black people, stealing the agency away from blacks and other minorities, all to virtue signal that they’re good allies and not like those mean, racist people!

How is this different? You don’t need to virtue signal for the military! I’m very proud of the men and women who serve and put their lives on the line, for little money and even littler respect from their nation upon returning home. But these are brave, skilled, talented, intelligent men and women with their own agency. If they’re offended by such actions, then they can come out and state such. They do not need me being offended for them. It’s patronizing; it’s treating military people like they have no agency of their own. And you don’t need to be offended for them either! If the reason you’re offended is because it offends the military, and you’re not part of the military, then you’re a virtual-signaling hack, no different than those whites on the left who do it for minorities. That’s not going to make me any friends, but it’s how I feel about it. You don’t get to take offense for someone else and have me not call you a little virtue-signaling baby for it. It’s condescending to military veterans and active servicepeople.

2: I Have the Right!

Sure, you have a right to be offended, is what every whiny-ass liberal says every time a female with big boobs in a video game causes them to have a meltdown. We get it! You’re easily offended, and you’re going to let the world know! But let us get something clear here: I’m not speaking necessarily only about those who get their panties in a bunch and play the offense card with reckless abandon; I’m talking more about those who claim that people shouldn’t have the right to disrespect the flag or the nation! What sort of totalitarians are you people!? This is supposedly the same thing you have been claiming to fight against for many, many years. The left says “X offends me, therefore X should be banned,” and before you know it, everything becomes “X” and the slope is so slippery that nothing survives it without sliding down.

How, pray tell, is this different at all!?

If you want to make illegal the act of disrespecting the nation, the flag, whatever, then suddenly that opens the door for everything to become an act of offending the nation.

Wearing a Che t-shirt, even being a member of Antifa, attending a gay pride parade, and on it goes. Pretty soon, you hypocritical totalitarians will have an endless list of things that people cannot do because they offend your delicate sensibilities.

And it’s even worse because you lot are the ones who claim to be all about the Constitution and people’s rights to free speech and assembly and expression! Really? I mean, really? You do not have a right not to be offended. Like I tell offended black people every time they see a Halloween costume they don’t like: “Maybe focus less on your ‘right’ to be offended a little more on not caring so much what other people do when it doesn’t affect your life.” I mean, am I being unfair here? If Johnny Dolt, somewhere out in Berkeley, went and purchased ten-thousand flags just to set them alight, why do you even care? You still have your flag, right? I mean, are you saying it’s wrong when Muslims get angry over burned Qurans but fine for you to get mad about the flag? Oh, you just love your country that much. Is that it? If that’s true, then you wouldn’t rightly care that much about it, because you’d realize it’s their right to do so. That is precisely what men and women die for: The rights of ingrates and petulant adult-sized children to openly disrespect their host nation. It ain’t pretty, kitty, but it’s what freedom means. Stop trying to promote freedom through a totalitarian’s approach. Sad.

This puts me sort of at odds with Tiana, a fellow writer here at Halsey, who claims that private business is not “America” and thus you don’t have the same rights. I disagree mightily here. Unless the employer says otherwise, and prohibits such, a private company doesn’t create a bubble around some area that’s no longer under the protections of the American Constitution. These football players are still Americans, inside America, and they have every right to do what they’re doing, unless their bosses wish to otherwise make it a no-no. And, sure, you have a right to be offended by it. But why do you care?

To put so much power into inanimate objects really does confuse me.

I’m just being honest here. I’m so confused. So my ex-girlfriend gave me a Raiders jersey. She died a few years later. That jersey forever has sentimental value to me. But when some angry idiot sets their Raiders jersey alight, it doesn’t bother me. Why should it? I still have mine. It’s a piece of fabric. And, okay, make your “It’s not the same” argument and once again get offended on the military’s behalf, or claim you just love your nation that much. Whatever. The objective reality is that it’s not hurting you at all. It’s not causing you pain (if it is, you need therapy). It’s not causing you any loss. It’s just people acting like babies, and they’re getting baby-like reactions in equal measure from more babies.

Another quick point: The religious folks on the right-wing who get so offended confuse me the most. Isn’t it a sin for you to be making these graven images and worshiping false idols by putting so much power into inanimate objects? And if that’s not what you’re doing, why the hell are you so damn angry about it?

Look, I’m seeing this stuff all over.

It’s not in some small bubble. From sea to shining sea, I see people in an uproar, burning their jerseys (even Raiders jerseys, the bastards!), boycotting the NFL, tearing up their season tickets, and on it goes. And the point I’d like to address is that they don’t seem to be doing it because fewer than 1% of the players are choosing to take a stupid political stance that doesn’t make sense, but rather because the NFL is allowing them the freedom to do it! Do you see the difference here?

There’s a difference in you taking offense to something and in you not wanting it to be allowed to happen. You righties are acting no differently than the radical left here, in large number, and someone needs to call you the hell out on it.

Grow the hell up! If you want to respect a flag, go buy one and bathe with it if you have to. Go download the Anthem and put it on repeat while you sleep. But do stop demanding everyone else abide your personal standards. This is reminiscent of the time in America where it was the right who were totalitarians and the left who wanted freedom from your blasphemy and indecency laws! It seems many of you haven’t changed. You can talk a big game, pretend to be all about that Constitution, but as soon as you get offended, you’re an eyelash away from putting on a mask and becoming your own version of Antifa.

It’s really disgusting. You need to be the adults here, which would shine a much bigger light on those babies in the NFL.