Emmys 2017: This Is Getting Old

steven colbert

I didn’t watch the Emmys this year. Apparently neither did many others. I very rarely watch these awards show, if for no other reason than the majority of shows I like don’t tend to win. This year, it was obvious what would happen. Even without Adolf Colbert hosting, it was obviously going to be a 2 hour Trump hatefest where some of the most insulated elite actors would take pot shots at the President, his supporters and basically anyone that doesn’t think like them.

I have to say, this is getting old.

At first, right after the election, it was fun to watch them freak out and summon all of their acting skills to get on television to first convince the Electoral College to not vote for President Trump, then to support the “resistance” and on and on and on. Now we have actors blaming hurricanes on Mother Nature’s revenge against President Trump, calling for armed rebellion on and on and on.

The sad part is, these are people who always consider themselves above the fray. They all live in huge mansions which are air conditioned, with pools and work in an industry that pollutes more than most with their private jets, set destruction etc. Yet they lecture on Climate Change. They think they are above the law when it comes to basically anything, but call President Trump a law breaker and of course the most blatant for of hypocrisy they stand up for illegal immigrant and refugees but refuse to do anything themselves to help them. They parade ex crack dealers and perverts onto TV to question the morals of the rest of the country.

They are the worst facet of the “Slacktivism” culture. Where raising awareness for something is, to them, more important than actually doing something. They consider themselves so valuable that they think making a commercial or playing a concert is going to do anything but get them free advertising. They lecture others on the way to act and exempt themselves from their own criticism.

The worst part now is they are just acting like spoiled children. They sit on their high horses and lecture the country about President Trump as if we care at all what they have to say. They act like they are anything more than highly paid Prank Monkeys. Like anyone on Earth cares at all about their opinions on events they are incapable of understanding from their Ivory Towers.

News Flash Guys, the rest of the country doesn’t care at all what you have to say.

This is more than evident by all of your SJW shows that flop and immediately get cancelled. Your movies about European Terrorists (can’t show Islamic ones, might offend someone). Your documentaries about the fairness of Europe and how it is a socialist paradise. We are all staying home.

We understand, McCarthy persecuted you for your communist ways a whole bunch of years ago and you are looking for revenge. You are so butt hurt that no one cares about your opinions that you are willing to further embarrass yourselves publicly.

As I said before, it is really getting old.

Oh, and President Trump is still your President.