Forgot about Men: The Lack of Support for Men’s Rights And Issues

mens rights

Men are forgotten in our society unless its to put them down, tell them they are a misogynist or something of a similar nature.  Men are discouraged by feminism to be “manly men,” and to pursue traditional roles in the home or life. Beyond that men’s issues are constantly belittled or ignored and as a woman and as someone who believes in practicing what you preach where are all the feminists at on mens rights?

In society women constantly attack men and try to tell them what to do, they try to make them in to or mold them in to what they believe is the ideal leftist beta male. Men are treated as if they should be controlled and as if women are more intelligent than men. Men are always shown on tv as hot and stupid, a clueless dad, a man who couldn’t find his way if he didn’t have a strong female there to help or guide him. They don’t know how to cook or clean, or take care of their children but in reality men are more than capable of taking care of themselves and their families if allowed. Feminism has crushed the male spirit in so many ways that we see more quiet beta males than we do strong traditional men who are running our society.

Feminism isn’t about equality for the two sexes, its about women being superior. If feminism cared about equality and wanted equality for both sexes would they not be fighting for men’s right as well?  I hear feminists talk about rape culture all the time but they NEVER talk about how men are 5x more likely to be raped between 18-24 on college campuses than if they don’t attend college according to RAIIN. Or that men are raped in prison at rates unfathomable, of which RAIIN says 60% of such sexual assault is perpetrated by staff members in the prison itself.  Human Rights watches 2001 study estimated 140,000 people were raped in prison. The United States Justice System’s report in 2012 estimated 4.0% of inmates were sexually assaulted per year in federal or state prisons. Where is the outrage about this? Men are swept aside but we all here 1 in 6 women are raped all the time. Both are horrific, but only one has great public advocacy. More men are raped than women each year when you include rape in prison, yet activists are silent.

Men tend to have less rights in divorce, they often get limited custody as the courts typically always side with the mother in custody hearings even if the father is as fit or more fit to be the primary parent the woman almost always wins majority placement. Men pay alimony and child or spousal support at higher rates than women and they often receive less access to their children than women in similar circumstances. Why aren’t parents given equal weight? The law says it does, but the practice of the law shows it doesn’t. In reality a child needs both parents to be healthy and well-adjusted, so why do we make it so difficult for kids to see their fathers? Not to mention in divorce proceedings men tend to lose the majority of their property and assets to the woman as well.

Men cant succeed. Men who succeed are automatically successful because of the patriarchy unless he’s a  “male feminist,” not because he rose to success on his own merits. Male CEO’s and other high level executives are scrutinized as only having gained wealth and status because they are male even if they put in more work than a female counterpart or are smarter than a female competitor at work they are still treated as if they only got their job or status because they are a man. If we said a woman only got where she was because she was a woman and a man gave it to her it would spark outrage. We don’t let men have their own voices or success. These few of many, key issues mentioned remind us that men’s rights and men’s issues are largely ignored in favor of women and yet we only hear that women are oppressed, that women don’t have rights, that their interests aren’t protected but as a woman I have to stop and ask what about the men?