DACA: Fruit Of The Poisonous Tree


In the legal world there is a principle known as the “Fruit of the Poisonous Tree.” The concept, as defined by Wikipedia, is that if the initial evidence proving a crime is illegal, all evidence stemming from that evidence is also illegal. To put it simply, if the tree is poisonous, so is the fruit.

There is no better way to describe DACA (Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals), and its liberal defenders, than this.

It may seem as if the I’m about to go down the road exploring the illegality of President Obama’s using the Executive Pen to create a law which 1) overrode an act of Congress and 2) was ruled illegal by the courts. While both of these things are true, it isn’t my main point.

My point is to refute the argument that DACA recipients are all victims looking for a better life, and deporting them is cruel.

The truth is all DACA recipients are criminals. Not only did every one of them commit a crime by coming here, they also committed  subsequent crimes to avoid detection and deportation:

  • Filing false claims with Social Security
  • Using government benefits they are not entitled to
  • Lying on federal assistance forms
  • Providing false identification for driver’s licenses, Obamacare.

The list goes on and on. The Left knows this. They understand the fruit of the poisonous tree.

So they know it isn’t just the fruit they have to render safe to eat, but the tree itself.

The Democratic Party, the Left and the RINOs in government who have declared these DREAMers have done nothing wrong makes the argument that coming to this country illegally was not a crime.

But it was.

So the next step is to say they are victims of circumstance and can’t be held responsible for those crimes: The Tree is not Poisonous.

In rendering the original crime not a crime, they can then justify opponents to DACA as racists, cruel barbarians and empathy-challenged monsters.

Follow the logic…

Liberal Shill: You are heartless for wanting to deport hundreds of thousands of immigrants who have never themselves committed a crime.

Person not living in the Twilight Zone: They are not immigrants they are illegal immigrants and therefore criminals.  100% of them committed a crime.

Liberal Shill: But they are not responsible for that crime. They only only want the best for this country, unlike you NAZI Fascist.

Person not living in the Twilight Zone: What about all the crimes they committed like using fake social security cards, lying on federal documents, committing fraud by taking benefits they were expressly barred by law from receiving?

Liberal Shill: Those aren’t real crimes…oh and you are Hitler and in the KGB REEEEEEEEEEE

Remember, if we did any of the things they are excusing in the above exchange we would go to jail and everyone would cheer for law and order.

This is the heart of the Leftist argument on all immigration issues. Since committing the original crime, illegally entering the country, is not really a crime, all subsequent crimes are not really crimes either.

This is also their arguments for sanctuary cities. Since you are not a real fugitive by being here illegally, it doesn’t matter if you are a gang murderer or crack dealer, we will protect you from evil white people obviously protecting their privilege.

As is typical of the Left on EVERY issue, you only need look at what any rational, sane and law abiding citizen is required to do. They will find a way to exempt themselves and from that behavior.

The 1% is evil for taking all the money for themselves (Bernie Sanders), said the man who makes $250,000 a year and owns three homes.

Trump Colluded with the Russians (Hilary Clinton) said the woman who sold influence and contracts to the Russians for money.

Banning Military Age Male Refugees is so awful it makes me cry (Chuckie Schumer) said the man who said himself that the danger they possessed would require banning them.

DACA is the textbook example of the Fruit of the Poisonous Tree.  You are not crazy. The Tree is definitely poisonous.


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