Stop Celebrating Islamic Holidays, You Look Ridiculous

Stop Celebrating Islamic Holidays, You Look Ridiculous

People who act as though they are smarter, better, and generally set apart from the unwashed masses are really annoying. The so-called “intelligencia” or “coastal elite” are a big part of the reason Trump won. Like most people, I have the tendency towards selfishness and ego, especially when talking about subjects I am well-versed in. This is a tendency I try to temper as much as possible, because I don’t want to be “one of those people”. I want to defend liberty, and think the best of people! I don’t want to call people sheep!

Today, though, I’m going to feel superior for the next hour, because for goodness sake: How are so many people so painfully and insultingly stupid.

To be fair, I am in a bit of a mood. My son has been sick for a week.

Stop Celebrating Islamic Holidays, You Look Ridiculous
Pictured: LIES

I’ve been sleeping like a baby – like an actual baby, not this fantasy Huggies commercial baby that lays there angelically in his crib while projected stars bounce around on the walls.

I haven’t even finished my first coffee yet, and already the trending topics on Twitter and their respective responses have managed to piss me off.

We have “#19YearsLater“, which is referring to Harry Potter’s son’s first day at Hogwarts. 

Seriously, I will never see Harry Potter the same way. Maybe that’s petty, but I just cannot. 

We have #JobsReport (whining about Trump), #Comey (whining about Trump), and Rabbit Rabbit (No clue, but probably whining about Trump).

And then we have my favourite trend.

“Eid Mubarak”, which basically translates to “happy Eid”.

(There are actually two “Eids”. One of which is celebrated at the end of Ramadan, and this one, which marks the end of Hajj, or “the pilgrimage”, to Mecca.)

Hajj is actually one of the five pillars of Islam. It is central to the Islamic faith that any Muslim who is physically and financially able make the pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in his life.

Except only about 2 million Muslims per year actually follow this central tenet of their religion.

Typical Islam – the far more important things are subjugating women, taking taxpayer money from European countries, or condoning terrorism! It’s almost like the faith-based elements of Islam are window trappings on the actual purpose of the “religion”, which is actually an expansionist, war-mongering political ideology.

Let’s not forget, too, that the Hajj represents oil-rich Saudi Arabia’s greed at the expense of their own people.

Going to Mecca is expensive, sure, but so is going to Israel. Yet, somehow, millions of Christians visit the Western Wall every year, despite the fact that there is no real edict for Christians to do so.

Think about it: if it was in the ten commandments for Christians to visit the Western Wall at least once in their lives, and only 0.12% of Christians actually followed this command per year, would we think this commandment to be of any real importance?

Of course we wouldn’t.

My unscientific analysis is simple: Muslims can’t be bothered to visit Mecca, even though it is one of the five main duties of Islam, because it doesn’t actually matter to them. Faith is very little of Islam, politics is the clear priority. So why on earth should I as a non-Muslim congratulate them on a holiday that virtually none of them properly celebrate?!

Good thing Prime Minister Zoolander has me covered. His smug grin as he pronounces Arabic words says it all.

I remember a half-assed written statement back in April for Easter, even though Pascha (which is a bit different than Easter and usually not celebrated on the same day like it was this year) is the most important holiday of the year for Eastern Orthodox Christians. I know my father drilled into me growing up  that Pascha is ten times more important than Christmas or any other day. I suspect many other Orthodox-raised kids (I believe Easter is also a big deal to Catholics) heard the same.

I’m sure thousands of Orthodox people in Canada would love to see their Canadian leaders recognize this.

I certainly don’t remember Justin Trudeau saying the proper greeting of “Christ is risen!” in English, let alone in Greek or Russian. Christos anesti / Alethos anesti and Christos oskresi /voistinu voskrese, respectively. Maybe I’ll send him a Snapchat so he remembers for next year, it’s more his speed than a thoughtful letter.

Sure, there are only about 500,000 Orthodox Christians in Canada as opposed to 1,000,000+ Muslims, but Muslims get a shout-out from Trudeau every month! You’d think he could manage one thoughtful holiday message for another religious minority.

As usual, liberals hate Christianity (and Judaism, for that matter), hate America, hate Canada, hate the entirety of the Western World, so they must make sure to bow at the feet of Muslims at every possible opportunity. Fellow travellers on the road to the Everything Sucks™ Caliphate.

Sorry, I hate to say it (especially without an Alex Jones impression to back it up), but stop being sheeple. 

You look absolutely ridiculous when you fawn over Muslim holidays, even holidays they clearly don’t give a sh*t about. You look doubly ridiculous when you do so while ignoring holidays that are of the utmost importance to other religious groups.  Knock it off.

And, frankly, Eid a dick.