Graham’s Grand Plan to Trap Trump Worked Perfectly

Graham Grand Plan to Trap Trump Worked Perfectly

But, let’s start with something we don’t know. In the last two days, I’ve laid out how Lindsay Graham (MIC-SC) played U.S. foreign policy against domestic policy to push President Trump to expand the war in Afghanistan.

Well it seems the rabbit hole goes just a little bit deeper than that. With everyone talking about former FBI Director James Comey’s exonerating Hillary Clinton over her e-mail server before the investigation was complete, something was overlooked in the revelations.

The letter from the Senate Judiciary Committee that broke this story wide open was signed by Chuck Grassley (Uniparty-IA) and, you guessed it, Lindsay Graham.

What’s important here is that Grassley and Graham wouldn’t come forward like this now if there wasn’t going to be a major attack on the Democrats in the coming weeks. Remember, Julian Assange has all the e-mails from the server to corroborate all of this obstruction and collusion by Hillary’s and Obama’s cronies.

This is why they have completely lost their minds since Trump’s victory. They weren’t worried about Trump using this against them.

They were worried about the Republicans making a deal with Assange.

Don’t kid yourself in thinking they just uncovered this. They didn’t. This information was known to everyone for more than a year. The question has been, “Why aren’t they using it?”

Why Now?

The answer lies in not only cornering the Democrats but Trump as well.

This has been a political football for more than a year and it was used as a hammer by Graham, John McCain (9th Cir. Hell – AZ) and the rest of the GOP establishment to wear Trump down and hand foreign policy back to the neoconservatives.

As I documented in the articles linked above, it seems every day there is yet another provocation towards either Russia, China or Iran now that Trump has signed away the single biggest responsibility of a President, foreign policy, to the most despicable cabal in our Federal Government.

Just this morning, the diplomatic tit-for-tat with Russia continues with the Trump ordering the Russian consulate in San Francisco closed. Putin will continue to respond in kind while undercutting the U.S. dollar in international trade and finance.

So, Trump wasn’t going to get any political relief from his Republican “allies” until he signed the new sanctions bill, added troops to Afghanistan, appointed McCain’s pet, Kurt Volker to the negotiating table in Ukraine along with sending them $175 million in weapons, and provoking China at every turn.

Graham Weakens Trump

By doing this, it weakens Trump’s position with a big swath of the voters that handed him the election in 2016. Trump was elected on a mix of populism for the fading middle class and the promise to end a foreign policy that sends our youth out to die for the corporatist oligarchs that run D.C. and Wall St.

Now he looks like just another trapped and isolated former change-agent. Looking at this dispassionately, Trump now looks to many of his weakest supporters no different than Obama did after his first year in office.

Obama promised to get us out of Guantanamo and be the ‘most transparent administration ever.’ He prosecuted more whistle-blowers than all the previous Presidents combined and remanded many of them to Guantanamo.

We heard, after seven years of war in Afghanistan and five in Iraq, we would be coming home.  Nope.

We pulled out of Iraq, but redeployed to Syria and outsourced most of the work to Salafist head-choppers. Then we find out this week Afghanistan has at least 3,000 more troops there than was thought.

Graham/McCain blackmailed Trump to send an unspecified number on top of that.

Graham’s GOP Gambit

So, while it is obvious now that Graham are setting up for a major attack on the Democrats, don’t think for a second anyone of real note will go to jail.

Comey? Sure.

Loretta Lynch? Sure.

Awan Bros.? Yes.

The buck stops at Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

But these people were always fall guys for the real prizes.

Hillary ain’t going to jail.  The only good news is if all this does come out, she can’t  have Assange killed without finally going too far.

Chuck Schumer will cut a deal for his hide, signing off on a few things, possibly tax cuts and Graham’s Obamacare replacement bill.

Lindsay Graham is making a major power move to replace Mitch McConnell as Senate Majority Leader. That will be his prize for pulling all of this off.

So, that’s where we are.

Trump both strengthened domestically but weakened internationally. Graham stepping up to be the de facto President through his power base in the Senate.

And the Deplorables left confused as to who’s in charge anymore.

The next phase of this involves Trump’s meeting with Dana Rohrabacher (Antiwar-CA) and pardoning Assange.

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