Why Now?: Will Trump Pardon Assange Before It’s Too Late

Why Now?: Will Trump Pardon Assange Before It’s Too Late

An article yesterday in the Washington Times revealed the Senate Intelligence Committee approved the latest Intelligence Authorization Act with the last-minute rider terming Wikileaks as a ‘non-state hostile intelligence agency.’

This bill was quietly inserted into the Senate’s docket during a pro-forma session last week during recess. CIA Director Mike Pompeo has been calling for this change in designation for Wikileaks for months.

And if it passed through the House and the Senate with a veto-proof majority it would strip Wikileaks of its ‘4th estate’ protections as a member of the press under U.S. law.

The Wheel Turns

This, in turn, would open up the doors for a number of things. First, of course, all U.S. employees of Wikileaks can now be charged with espionage and treason. All foreign employees can be charged and the U.S. demand extradition to the U.S. to stand trial.

The most notable of these employees, of course, is Julian Assange. Assange is about to celebrate (sic) his fifth anniversary as an asylum-seeker in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London on fear of his being arrested and remanded back to the U.S. where his political opponents want his head on a pike, at a minimum.

But, why this? Why now? Why did this get slipped through behind the scenes during recess? There was no urgency at all for this. Pompeo and Attorney General Jeff Sessions haven’t talked about this issue in weeks.

It was completely out of the headlines, nowhere to be found on Twitter.

Last week, Halsey English and I floated the theory that Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) met with Julian Assange to arm Trump with the goods he would need to take down his most virulent opponents on Capitol Hill.

Rohrabacher’s trip was exposed on Friday the same day that Steve Bannon announced his resignation from his position of White House Chief Strategist. Then the Senate makes a move against Wikileaks.


There are no coincidences in politics, only cause and effect.

On my blog last night, I put the pieces together.

Putting it all together, the Senate is worried about the upcoming meeting between Trump and Rohrabacher.  Because the details of the meeting that have been leaked having Rohrabacher killed at this point would be too much of an overt tell.

So, to block the information that Assange has and keep Trump from acting on it, by classifying Wikileaks as a ‘hostile intelligence agency’ as opposed to a ‘member of the press’ puts meetings between U.S. officials and Wikileaks tantamount to consorting with the enemy.

This move by the Senate Intelligence Committee is a direct threat to Trump that if he thinks about pardoning Assange for helping him expose, incontrovertibly, the details surrounding the leaked e-mails from the DNC servers last summer, then they can impeach him for ‘treason.’

After all, he got his information from a ‘hostile intelligence agency’ and that calls into question his judgment as President.

Why Now?

This is tantamount to proof that the scenario Halsey and I laid out last week is the one that is about to come to pass. There is no good reason to make this overt move against Wikileaks now that couldn’t wait until Congress comes back from recess on September 9th.

No, this needs to be on the docket, discussed and positions prepared to fast track this bill through both houses of Congress quickly to tie Trump’s hands with a veto-proof majority. In fact, I’ll be shocked if most members of Congress even know this rider was attached at the last minute, as the Washington Times reported.

The stakes here are enormous. We know Assange wants his life back. He’s held back damning intelligence and his sources for the opportunity to secure not just a pardon but also neutralizing those that most want him dead the second he steps out of that embassy.

Now, I asked the question earlier, “Why now?” in regard to the Senate. The same question can be leveled at Trump/Bannon/Assange. “Why Now?”

Because Trump is under siege. The Clinton/Obama/Soros coup against him is gathering steam. Charlottesville was a setup. It seems everyday someone is running people over with cars somewhere. Antifa and Black Lives Matter are organized shock-troops fomenting unrest and ratcheting up the rhetoric to a fever pitch.

The GOP is weak and its leadership is undermining Trump at every turn. This is why Trump was so effusive in his praise of the military in his Afghanistan address on Monday. Keep your enemies close and your Generals closer.

It may come down to that.

His one shot to avoid the worst of this is to not only put the “Russia-gate” narrative to bed and end Robert Mueller’s fishing expedition, but start handing out indictments to notable people who then can no longer hide behind definitions and procedures to cover their tracks or run out the clock.

And the clock is now ticking.