Music Review: Kaya Jones “What The Heart Don’t Know” [VIDEO]

kaya jones

Kaya Jones has done it again! In addition to dominating the EDM and Pop worlds, she shows her musical mastery with her newest single “What The Heart Don’t Know”.

The cideo for this instant hit (see below) shows Kaya’s deep love of America, the Military and the narrative that this song, and video add to.

Highlighting her mesmerizing voice, “What The Heart Don’t Know” highlights the style and beauty that makes a song last throughout time. In speaking with various music industry heavyweights, the comments coming in are beyond typical.

“”What The Heart Don’t Know” is hypnotizing. “

“Even if I wanted to hate it, I couldn’t, it stays in my head and speaks to me”

“This is the kind of song when you hear it 20 years later, makes you remember your youth with a smile.”

“I have already listened to it 50 times and I am sure I will hear it another 50 before the end of the day.”

Kaya’s passion for people and country is really translating into artistic expression. If you listen to her speak or if you listen to her sing the result is the same…you just want more.

“What The Heart Don’t Know” is available for purchase at CD Baby!