Instead Of “Spread The Word To End The Word” Just Don’t Be A Jerk


This isn’t a anti-social justice rant, this is simply a message for humanity, a message people don’t seem to have a firm grasp on. The message is this, if someone wants to be a jerk, no amount of flashy PR campaigns will be able to fix that at all, just deal with it. Now, how about some context…

I was walking through the grocery store and noticed a high school aged kid wearing an “spread the word to end the word shirt.” For those of you that have never heard of this campaign, let me explain it; this is an effort to stop people from using the word retard in everyday conversation, primarily as an insult, as it is offensive to mentally handicapped people. DUH, as if anyone needs to be told using derogatory and rude language isn’t common sense enough. I remember my school taking part in this campaign in high school, all this did was allowed virtue signaling brats to go around calling people “asshole”, “bitch”, “dick” and other vulgarities if you didn’t get with the program. Sorry, but good people won’t use callous and mean language because they understand something called respect.

Just like sexual harassment courses don’t prevent sexual harassment like anti-rape fliers in Europe don’t seem to be stopping migrant rape, lots of glittery shirts and signs and stickers won’t stop people from calling each other retarded. Seriously, who actually donates to this crap? How about you just try and be a better role model for those around you, and besides, where do you think kids are learning to talk to each other this way? God forbid it be the parents, or lack of parenting that led to this. Maybe instead of a campaign to end the word “retard” you have a campaign that promotes not being a jerk to each other? I’m not even asking for sainthood, just not go and be a jerk. But hey, it’s these virtue signaling thought police who are offended by everything, therefore giving them the righteous rage to go do or say anything because it’s justified by their hurt feelings.

How about we have a campaign to just not get your feelings hurt? Or a campaign that says when someone calls you a retard, you throw the dictionary at them, call them factually incorrect, and then call them stupid for calling you something you’re not.

Besides, how can you spread the word to end the word expecting to end the word if you keep spreading the word? By that logic you’ll have more people calling each other retarded, and who the heck is that helping?

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