The Coup Against Trump Will Be Televised


But the counter-coup will lead to civil war

We are in the early stages of a manufactured civil war or coup.  The ratcheting up of violence by Antifa, the escalation of the rhetoric over our past and the excusing of brown-shirt tactics by our media are eerily reminiscent of what happened in places like Serbia, Ukraine, Egypt and Libya.

The Color Revolution in the U.S. began with Hillary Clinton’s concession speech and it has only intensified.  Inch by inch, day by day, the building blocks to create a mass hysteria bubble (as Scott Adams would term it) have been cynically built by those whose power is threatened by the rise of the Deplorable right and their Grey Champion, Donald Trump.

The pieces are all falling into place here and it won’t be long before there is a march on the White House similar to the Maidan in Kiev in 2014.  We are rapidly approaching the point of no return on this.

These black-masked twenty-somethings are no longer functioning on rationality.  They are working on pure adrenaline which is fueling their hatred of whoever isn’t them to levels associated with societal breakdown.

The same unfair system that saddled them with no job prospects, a warped view of capitalism and no moral or ethical center is using them to attack the foundations of our society.  These kids are rightfully ticked off.  They are victims.

But not of racism or misogyny like they claim to be against.  No, they are victims of a political and media conglomerate that told them their views were the only acceptable ones.  So, instead of blaming the Jews this time, they are blaming middle-class white men for keeping them down.

It’s the same Marxist nonsense that led to tens of millions dead in China’s Cultural Revolution, Stalin’s Soviet Union, Pol Pot’s Cambodia and on and on.

They have taken Barry Goldwater’s famous line, “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice” and turned it in on itself.


Beating cops with clubs for breaking up a riot they caused.

Sucker punching a guy for taking the other side of an argument.

Stabbing a guy getting out of his car for having the wrong haircut.

And the media downplay this, making excuses for it because they are what?  The under-dogs?

What you have to understand is that this isn’t about Trump.  This is about losing the election.  These same things would be happening if Jeb Bush had won (*snort*).  Mitt Romney is out there decrying Trump’s putting blame on both sides at Charlottesville, but he forgets that in 2012 he was an evil, white corporate stooge as well.

And had he beaten Obama (*snort*) he too would have been labeled a Nazi and these same protests would have sprung up out of seemingly nowhere.

Their intensity would have been lower because Romney would have never done anything to rock the boat in D.C. the way Trump is.  And Romney would have given the Deep State everything they wanted while still being cast as the evil bad guy at every turn.

What is happening now, however, isn’t what’s important.  This could all peter out in a few weeks.  All it would take is for Trump to give in and the pain will all be over.

But, he won’t.  In fact, he’s doing the exact opposite.  He’s surrounded himself with military advisors.  He’s done nothing but praise the generals and military servicemen he’s working with.  Why?

Aside from his staunch belief in them, he also knows that when the Clintons and Soros call for a March on Washington D.C. he will be ready with a military that has his back.  This is always how situations like this wind up.

The embattled, isolated leader with the military on one side versus the irrational protestors on the other.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out where things go from there.

It doesn’t matter that the cause of their outrage is illusory.

It doesn’t matter that Trump is the most centrist Republican on social issues in the last sixty years.

What matters is wresting control of the reins of power from him at any cost.  This will lead to martial law and eventually, civil war.  I’ve expected from the beginning that Trump’s first term would look a lot like Lincoln’s.

Things are accelerating beyond Trump proving himself not to be a Russian agent, or unfit to lead or any of that.  They have to accelerate beyond that because it is likely that proof of guilt for most of the DNC, Clinton’s campaign staff and likely the Clintons themselves is staring us in the face.

And his name was Seth Rich.

Dick Morris reported the other night that the Justice Dept. offered Hillary a plea deal that she refused.   Indictments are coming if Trump has the intestinal fortitude to see things clearly and all the way through.

The noose is tightening on everyone, including Trump.  Does he avoid it?  Or put his neck in it?  Something is about to change.  In movies, we call that the ‘mid-point turn,’ the moment when a character does something so awful that there is no going back to the way things were at the beginning.

History is littered with these events.  How we handle them is the question.

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