President Trump Likes Bizarre Tweet Linking Him to Child Trafficking

Halsey News

Reading the countless, insane, asinine replies to tweets by The President’s personal Twitter handle @realdonaldtrump may have finally paid off. I now have a basis on which to explain what has just happened, which is frankly the oddest thing I have seen in my young career writing for Halsey News. President Trump, on his @realdonaldtrump Twitter handle, liked this tweet.

tweet like by Trump
Screenshot provided in case tweet is unliked/deleted

Let’s break this down, the President of the United States has not liked a tweet since May 24th. It is very late into the evening of August 10th. Ironically, an Ivanka Trump tweet about human trafficking, something this administration is doing a lot to combat, but what is also in the accusation of this liked tweet.

The thread of this liked tweet leads to here.

It alleges that President trump is coordinating with Putin, and this is a new one, Kim Jong-Un! The latest North Korean tension build-up is actually to distract from impending indictments of Trump, his family, and those part of his organization because of child trafficking that occurred through Trump’s modeling agency. According to the article linked in this thread, which is far more tame than the tweet thread itself, it is believed that the NY Attorney General will indict 4 people related to this case on Friday, August 11th. As I write this, that is less than 30 minutes away.

So why did Donald Trump like this tweet? Several theories come to mind:

  1. He’s simply trolling the left, showing just how wild their conspiracy theories are.  We saw how many were lambasted for the “Pizzagate” controversy, now let’s see the left defend conspiracy theorists on their side.
  2. This is a signal, the jig is up. Donald Trump is caught in this child trafficking mess. Him liking the tweet is a signal for Kim and Putin to get the missiles ready. His allies must be ready to get on TV and deflect. I don’t believe this at all, but I could see this user and the thousands that follow it believing that theory.
  3. Human trafficking indictments are on their way, with someone big to go down from them. Not Donald Trump, as him liking this to get human trafficking talked about would indicate.

The most likely scenario, by far, is that he ACCIDENTALLY liked the tweet. Yes, his “small hands” the left likes to troll him on may have slipped and accidentally liked a reply to his tweet. That’s something my small hands have done before.

Lest we forget, we were still never told the true meaning of “covfefe,” a word Donald Trump tweeted and then deleted in the middle of the night in late May. Could this be the final clue in the covfefe puzzle?