Hundreds Attend a Summit in Support of Free Speech

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Ben Shapiro at Free Speech Summit

Last week, hundreds attended the Canadian Freedom Summit in Toronto. The event was streamed by thousands. The speakers included The Daily Wire’s editor-at-large Ben Shapiro, the President of JCCF John Carpay, and Psychology Professor Jordan Peterson who opposes Bill C-16 and the use of gender-neutral pronouns. Other prominent speakers were YouTube Personality Josephine Mathias, founder of Free Bird Media Alex Van Hamme, and Amanda Ellen Gibbs, the founder of Liberal, Not LeftyThe event was held by Students in Support of Free Speech, an organization affiliated with the University of Toronto and York University with the goal to defend free speech and censorship around college and university campuses.

Apparently, the event could have been canceled. The University of Toronto staff took up efforts in order to try to stop the even from happening. They requested additional fees and also said that the event required constables, which means the organizers would need to pay for it. There was also concerns over Antifa or any hate groups protesting the event, but fortunately they did not show up as security was present inside and out.

The event started out with the 3 young adults having discussions with issues in campuses such as censorship to conservatives and the student union groups censoring only to conservative ideas.

It was followed by Professor Jordan Peterson speaking on postmodernism Marxism and how it is a problem especially when many students are being “indoctrinated” on campuses. President of JFFC, John Carpay later spoke on encouraging to defend Constitutional freedoms through litigation and education. Then Ben Shapiro concluded the event speaking on freedom of speech happening in Canada in regards to bills that will persecute people who deny using a person’s pronouns. The Daily Wire editor-at-large then took questions from the audience to complete the summit.

Overall, this event is basically the voice for patriotic Canadians who are fighting for free speech. On the internet, conservatives and free speech advocates dominate the culture but unfortunately in today’s campuses there are student unions who censor conservative groups. A student who I went to high school with experienced censorship when they were denied financial aid when starting a Pro-Life group in Ryerson University. Yet, there was no media coverage of that.

The battle of Free Speech is ongoing. In America, people are defending for their freedom of speech so they won’t get censored. Here in Canada though, the students are fighting to bring back the freedom to criticize anything and have their opinions challenged.