The Proud Boys: New Fraternal Patriotism

proud boys

One of the most talked about groups in media right now is also one of the most misunderstood. The Proud Boys have really appeared on the conservative scene within the last year and have become famous for their appearance at events and protection of speakers and event attendees. Most notably some of the people Proud Boys have been seen protecting at events are popular media personalities like Lauren Southern, Faith Goldy, Brittany Pettibone etc. Equally as important is the Proud Boys commitment to holding the front lines during contentious protests against Antifa both protecting conservative women but also the elderly and those at risk. They have become a welcome face in their black and gold trimmed shirts and a de facto alpha male security force for the right. They often back and support events centered around Trump, freedom of speech or conservative organized rallies and public speaking events.

They have been mentioned over the last few months multiple times in mainstream media but mainstream media always creates an alternate narrative to what they are actually about. They have been constantly misrepresented, misquoted and demonized. Its time to set the record straight and shine a light on what The Proud Boys are actually about. The leader of The Proud Boys is comedian and political commentator Gavin McInnes of Rebel Media, co-founder of Vice Media, and host of “The Gavin McInnes Show,” on Compound Media. Hilariously, the internet also touts him as “The godfather of the hipster movement,” and the “One of hipsterdom’s primary architect’s.” This has to be one of the more hysterical trolls McInnes has ever pulled off as a comedian who frequently pokes fun at social justice warriors, hipsters and the left in general.

The more that McInnes looked around in popular culture and everyday life he was surrounded by beta males. Wondering where all the alpha males have gone, he decided to form a group to bring back the sense of camaraderie of the male fraternal organizations of decades past. From there the Proud Boys were born.  The Proud Boys get their name from the song “Proud of Your Boy,” from the live version of Disney’s Aladdin. They describe themselves as modern western fraternal organization that accepts that the west is the best. Their key slogan is “ A fraternal organization of Western chauvinists who refuse to apologize for creating the modern world.” This basic tenet shakes up the left particularly the social justice warrior crowd because of the use of the word ‘chauvinist,” but they misconstrue the traditional use of the word. Webster’s Dictionary describes the word chauvinism in two traditional ways that apply to The Proud Boys. Those definitions are “Excessive or blind patriotism, i.e.: fervent nationalism” and “Undue partiality or attachment to a group or place to which one belongs or has belonged, i.e.: regional chauvinism.”

Typically, mainstream media equates chauvinism with sexism and their patriotism and nationalism for white nationalism even tough the two are drastically different. Western nationalism is simply a love for ones own country typically before other countries, for example, American nationalism often translated as “America First.” White nationalism is defined as “A group of sometimes militant whites who espouse white supremacy and advocate enforced racial segregation with a far right platform.” These are two totally different topics. The lack of comprehension of these facts has lead to The Proud Boys being labeled as a racist group. The reality is The Proud boys are actually a multi-racial and LGBT friendly group. A decent majority of The Proud Boys are non-white members. It truly is a group of men, who want to gather together, celebrate the west, drink some beer and do manly things like box and bullshit. It is interesting that a male fraternity gets so much flack for simply meeting and protecting other people.

In general, The Proud Boys are a group chronically misrepresented and painted as evil, racist and negative. They bring a sense of unity to conservatives. They bring a voice to the declining population of alpha males in the West. They are diverse and they have a goal to remain patriots and nationalists fighting for the best of their respective nations all across the west. I encourage people to take a look at the group for themselves and talk with some of their members to get a feel for what they really believe in. While mainstream media doesn’t bother to investigate because it doesn’t fit their narrative, there is a lot to be discovered.  Hopefully, they continue to celebrate “Excessive patriotism and fervent nationalism” and bring people together, while protecting and supporting their respective countries. We are proud of your boy.



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