No Revolution For Pedophiles: Heart Progress

No Revolution For Pedophiles: Heart Progress

There has long been a fight for equality of all types within the western world. Most recently, we have finally seen the rise of rights for the LGBT community, but now we are seeing a threat to the very same equality and community via a repulsive movements attempt to insert themselves in to the LGBT community and society as a whole, pedophilia. Let us be clear, the LGBT community does not support this, pro-pedophilia groups are trying to attach themselves to the community in order to push their sick cause through with equal rights for ordinary citizens. In this realm, we have seen one group in particular, Heart Progress, leading the charge.

Heart Progress is a pro-pedophilia or pro-“boylove” group.  Recently, one of their representatives, James Carter did an interview with Susan Mitchell. Heart Progress’s mission statement is to “promote acceptance and peace.” Susan Mitchell poses this initial question in her interview that sums up what Heart Progress’s aim is for society well, “The acceptance is where Heart Progress lose and infuriate a growing number of people. One segment that Heart Progress advocates for acceptance are quote, Pedosexuals. Claiming that it is a sexual orientation-as valid as homosexual or pansexual.” This attempt to latch on to a successful and valid movement to push their own sick agenda is frustrating for general society and especially for LGBT people who do not want to be connected to this type of behavior.  Pedophiles support having sex with children at any age, and believe that the child can willfully consent and participate in these sexual activities and it should be legal to do so. Even more so Heart Progress seeks to change the terms by which pedophiles are referred calling them pedosexuals, and “mentors.”

Carter goes on to describe in his interview all the “benefits” of being sexually “mentored” by an adult partially describing his thought process like this, “Well, in my view a young adult should have a mentor somebody older and wiser with a good head on their shoulders who can be a role model about having positive relationships. Do you know I believe that it’s best when young adults are initiated slowly with care and kindness into sexual activity?”  He strips away the fact that children are not able to comprehend what sex is at a young age, and that their inability to consent stems from the fact that they cannot understand such complex relationships or ideas like sex at a young age. This is why we have consent laws as generally accepted guidelines of when a child is emotionally and mentally mature enough to enter in to a sexual relationship with a child.

No Revolution For Pedophiles: Heart Progress
Heart Progress’s logo, via their Youtube channel

Heart Progress believes children of any age may be mature enough to enter in to a loving sexual relationship with an adult. Throughout their interviews and other media they mainly refer to young boys versus young girls, however their overall goal is to gain acceptance of pedophilia within the mainstream community and gain people behind their cause, making it the new cause for sexual liberation. In my estimation, this will never happen. Those in the LGBT community, excuse my bluntness, but do not want them, do not support them and think they can go to hell. They are not part of our community, nor will they ever be. No true movement will stand behind the sickness of any person who believes in having sex or sexual contact of any type between a child and an adult. This is not a fight to be fought, nor should we give them any credence. This is a targeted attack on children and the LGBT communities with an attempt to legitimize, normalize, and legalize pedophilia while also attaching itself to the goals of the LGBT movement. We reject Heart Progresss and any movement similar to it.

Whilst looking in to Heart Progress we also came across an online magazine publication called Ethos, which celebrates boylove. As with Heart Progress, Ethos is equally repulsive. The magazine uses pictures of young boys on their covers and within their magazine attached to articles such as “The History of Pederasty.” This magazine makes it clear just how far down this rabbit hole goes and how a sub-culture in pedophilia is slowly bubbling to the surface unafraid during this time of liberation. Unfortunately, they are feeling emboldened to come out and push for acceptance of pedophilia. Do not be fooled by Heart Progress’s new catchy name or rainbow heart logos. This is a new face on the same sketchy person in the shadows no matter what their leaders claim.

Heart progress is a revolting attempt and excuse to normalize sex with children and we need to continue to voice our dislike of them and their movement and make it clear that their revolution is never coming.