I Rarely Talk About Canada, But We Need Your Help

I Rarely Talk About Canada, But We Need Your Help

Despite what angry leftists on Trump tweets say, I make no secret of the fact that I was born in Canada, raised in Canada, and live in Canada – Ontario, to be exact, in the most populated area of the country. I also make no claim to be an expert on Canadian politics, and speak often about how little I actually focus on the actual politics in my own country.

Though my nation is Canada, my heart is called to stand for the United States of America (yet another reason I’m a civic nationalist versus an identitarian, but I digress) and The Constitution.

I even had a tweet on Fox & Friends once saying so!

I love America.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love Canada in a way, too.

I mock my country and our pathetic version of freedom of speech. I have written some strong words about our dangerous gun laws.  I am not one to mince words when I believe strongly that I must criticize something Рand that includes my country, my fellow Canadians, and especially our government.

I want Canada to be a nation of freedom and liberty – not leftism and politically correct tyranny.

Last night, I had the pleasure of chatting with my new friend Remso over at the Remso Republic live show (he will be a guest on my Youtube show, Right Millennial, next week!). One of the topics he asked me about was how I viewed the direction Canada is going Рand whether I think there is any hope for my country.

I believe hope is the only option, at least for me. I have a cynical streak a mile wide, but at the end of the day, I believe in the resilience of humanity.

Canada is not a bad country. We are not an Islamic theocracy. We are not a poverty stricken pseudo-anarchist war-state.

Canada is a country with natural resources – and, more importantly, millions of wonderful and good people, who want good things for their fellow countrymen and the world. Intention, I believe, counts for something.

When I talk about the issues in Canada, the biggest things I always touch on are A) our lack of a First Amendment and b) the near-monopoly of liberal media.

Unfortunately, these issues are two of the biggest issues a nation can face. I find that Canada has very few outspoken conservatives Рand many of those we do have end up becoming Americans (see: Steven Crowder and Gavin McInnes) or focusing primarily on America even if still living in Canada (Lauren Southern).

I, too, fall into the latter category.

I wrote earlier this week about the hit piece that was run on me in my local paper.

Being a Canadian conservative is no picnic, that’s for sure, and it doesn’t surprise me that most of us tend to fall into one of these two mindsets.

That said, I am not giving up entirely on Canada. I believe that Canada is a country with plentiful opportunity, which has been hijacked by toxic, monopolized liberal politics and toxic, monopolized liberal media.

We need your help, my American friends. 

It isn’t your responsibility – but I hope that you will wish to share your American values with your Northern neighbors.

I wish  I knew exactly how to fix Canada. I wish I knew what direction Canadians need to take.

I Rarely Talk About Canada, But We Need Your Help
God keep our land, glorious and free. O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

My own country confuses me on a daily basis, but America? America, I understand, and I make some small requests of you, for the good of the continent.

Step one: help us to defend free speech. As someone who has come under multiple attacks by the Canadian liberal media, both nationally and now locally, the support of likeminded Americans helped me to know that I am not alone in my views, and that no amount of leftist news-print garbage will silence me and stop me from speaking the truth and doing what I believe to be right.

This morning, I got an email stating that Canadian right-wing-media king Ezra Levant has just lost his chance at a supreme court appeal on a free speech case. The gist of the eight-year-old case against Mr. Levant? He called an anti-semite an anti-semite. 

This is the free speech reality in Canada. Not only do we deal with social backlash, cheered on by our media, but with an antagonistic government.

Step two: help us to fund right-wing media.¬†The aforementioned Ezra Levant owns The Rebel Media,¬†Canada’s only true right-wing news organization (they also cover other areas, but are based in Canada).

Even if you hate biased media, even if you loathe Fox News, it is a reality that in Canada the only other option is pretty much a universal MSNBC.  Sources like The Rebel are necessary Рand I encourage you, as Americans, to support them in any way you can.

There are also dozens of smaller independent Canadian social media truth-tellers and media outlets. Help them grow. Help them to know that you are with them, and that free speech and  liberty are values that matter, and values that we need more of in Canada.

As someone who was raised on the left in Canada, I can say honestly that we need you.

Thank you for supporting me. It means the world.

I ask that you support my country.


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