Stop Turning Off the Lights After Every Terror Attack! Stop!

Stop Turning Off the Lights After Every Terror Attack! Stop!

Why did the Eiffel Tower go dark, all its nighttime lights switched off? The meme goes that this is done to honor the dead and wounded of one more Islamic terror attack. Except they—the Dark Lords of corporate media and tut-tutting career politicos—never say the part about Islam and terror. Instead word goes out; we wait a respectful few days, and shut out the lights for a few minutes.

A hollow ceremony exceeded in lameness as millions change their social media photo to display the national flag of a country they likely couldn’t find on a map. To mark previous terror attacks, Rome’s Trevi Fountain and New York’s Empire State among many iconic symbols of Western Enlightenment and capitalism have, as they say, gone dark to express solidarity.

Hogwash! I’m damn sick of these pathetic displays and hopefully you are too. Has it not dawned on anyone that turning out the lights is exactly the goal of Islam and Islamic terror?

“We will win this war.” A noble utterance but do you have a plan? Former French President, Francois Hollande went on to declare the best weapon to be, are you ready? Unity. Wow! This guy is no ordinary socialist.

Hollande mumbled on about determination in the fight against “anything that can divide us.” Big problem: Hollande didn’t even name the enemy, he had no plan. He was speaking in 2015 after the terror attack at the offices of Charlie Hebdo.

Since then Muslim terrorists have evaded the entire EU’s unity defence to divide a lot of bodies into bloody bits! Politicians throughout Europe continue to lie for Islam, to say death and Islam are not connected. Macron does the same.

Immigration has turned much of Europe into an armed encampment. Conditions have only become worse in the 26 months since the Hebdo massacre in Paris. And as we know all too well, on May 22 another devout Muslim detonated a suicide bomb that cut down some 130 concert goers killing 22, mostly young girls.

From Brussels to Stockholm most of Europe is on guard against the next attack (except Poland, perhaps we could discover their secret recipe). Security analysts don’t see any relief from these attacks.

The political class created this terror. They have brought this death wish upon their people with no intention to stop the destruction. Open borders all the way; army in the streets; and to hell with personal liberty.

No sweat, get used to terrorists in your city. Just ask the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, or France’s Macron, they’ll tell you it’s the “new normal.”

Globalists are determined to flood the EU. More innocents will die. Politicians will lie. The fake news Media will lie.

After the next terror bloodbath, leave the Eiffel Tower lights a blaze, refuse to go dark. Instead, call out the liars! After all, if civilized people don’t turn on every light possible, enlighten the darkest corners of our world, well then, what’s the point?