This is Not Terror- It’s Global Jihadist Insurgency

The Real Muslims Are The Terrorists. Period.

Now that terror attacks are occurring on a weekly basis throughout the west, the question comes up, are they considered to be terror attacks technically? Or are these small attacks or battles that are part of a bigger organized war? As the tactics have been, moving slowly from the east to the west, becoming more prevalent as time goes on, this certainly looks to be more than just a few isolated ‘radicals’.

Nice, Brussels, Paris, Sweden, and now London have been seeing horrific automobile attacks coupled with stabbings. Sometimes the truck used is big enough that no stabbings are even necessary to kill a large amount of innocent people. The Manchester debacle was only a few days before this most recent London Bridge attack, and just a few hours ago Melbourne, Australia was under siege by some maniac taking a hostage, firing at police- shooting three, and blowing more shit up. The suspect is now dead, but big deal. There are millions quite literally dying to take the guy’s place. Classic Islamic attack. So, now, Australia is feeling the sting of terror.

But wait a second, back up and take a look at the bigger picture. These attacks have increased in frequency dramatically over the last year, over the last month. It truly has become a global Jihad on the west any way you want to look at it.

One of the most frustrating things about this attack and so many others, is that the local authorities had indeed received information on the suspect beforehand. Just like so many other instances, the authorities are either watching or at the very least aware of these cells, and do nothing until someone is injured or killed. Every time another attack occurs, the suspect is at the very least ‘known by police’.

We have a government whose last administration set up the biggest spy network in the history of humankind, so that you know- they know how big your nipples or penis is, they know what you ate for dinner last night, they know when you got laid last- and yet they haven’t even made an attempt to stop any of these horrifying attacks? The last terror incident in Australia was the Lindt café siege, conducted by an Iranian refugee, who had been charged with accessory to murder along with forty-three counts of sexual assault. He was released on bail. Forty-eight hours before this particular event, someone even called the Australian terror hot-line to warn them of the man’s intentions toward what he named ‘the infidel’ on his own website. Not a siren or bell was sounded although there was hard evidence of intent to murder and maim. What gives them the right to decide what an imminent threat is, when they don’t even use the hotline that they themselves installed? How many red flags have to pop up before they take a threat seriously? I have the utmost respect for officers truly doing their jobs and trying to keep us safe.

Obviously there aren’t many. Someone must be paying these authorities to keep quiet until the events happen. We not only need to take potential suspect’s cases more seriously, but we need to drain the swamp in the police departments and terror bureaus just to keep people safe now. It’s that simple.

So yeah, terrible decision making led to the bad defense of their own country. How does someone get released on bail after a record like that? Clearly, we must take some responsibility for not protecting our citizens. Although this particular episode was not in the United States, it is still very relevant. How many times have we seen preventable crimes and murders happen just because we let these people back out onto the street. It’s purely inexcusable.

The gunman actually called the local television station, giving notice. His message- that he was ‘acting for ISIS and Al-Queda’. He was also newly released from prison, out on parole for a previous crime. He was rated a ‘low-risk’ for any kind of repeat offense by the counter terrorism police.

This isn’t terrorism, it’s not the same thing as the IRA calling up a government building in order to give advance notice of a bomb, and demanding a specific ransom or resolution. There is no resolution for Islamic extremism. There is no point, except to kill as many unbelievers as possible, and to murder western civilization and culture. Australia and the United States are not as far down the rabbit hole as western Europe is, but at the rate things are moving we are bound to fall in deep and quick.

Many, if not all people believe the government’s job is to keep it’s citizens safe. How could they think otherwise?

Apparently they have no idea what the word government means.

First recorded in 1350-1400; Middle English word from Old French word governement. See govern, -ment

The political direction and control exercised over the actions of the members, citizens, or inhabitants of communities, societies, and states; direction of the affairs of a state, community, etc.

When you break the word down to it’s original meaning, all ‘government’ is- is a form of control. The governments work hand in hand with the fake news mainstream media to control the masses by deceiving them into submission. In effect governing their minds.

In all fairness, the governments are doing just that since it is after all their job. The problem is the way they lull everyone into a false feeling of safety where there is none. Instead of governing by protecting the citizens, and assuring their safety- like keeping criminals in jail and out of their countries- they’re doing just the opposite, and then look right into the cameras and lie straight to our faces about their intentions and actions.

People aren’t that stupid however. If the governments and other institutions they set in place are failing to keep us safe- then the people themselves will be compelled to take matters into their own hands. This is where the west is headed. An all out war, not civil in nature. Vigilante justice carried out against repeat offenders let back onto the streets, or back into the nation. People are learning to look for these people before they attack. Normal day to day civilians. Imagine the complications between these two forces, then throw in a misguided police force and justice system.

Let the chaos begin…