Joey Rullo: “I would give $300,000 Governor Expense Account to Veterans”

Joey Rullo
Joey Rullo, NJ Gubernatorial Candidate

President Donald Trump was elected by being unconventional and talking about topics no politicians dared to talk about. Love him or hate him, we’ve never seen anything like it. Joseph “Rudy” Rullo, New Jersey Republican Gubernatorial Candidate, has been a President Trump supporter since November of 2015. Like Trump, Joey Rullo is not a politician, he has never held elected office or even been handed a government contract. A true outsider. And like President Trump, Joey Rullo talks about things that no other politicians talk about. Rullo has often called current Lieutenant Governor and primary opponent Kim Guadagno “#SilentKim” for her silence on issues affecting New Jersey citizens and toeing the line. Guadagno’s stances on taxes, debt, state house renovations, and other issues that politicians talk about and take a soft stance on, are simply more of the same. Joey Rullo has plowed through that narrative and offered specifics on what needs to be done to get New Jersey back up and running. For one thing: Joey Rullo would veto any taxes that land on his desk as a governor. He will also lower property taxes.

One promise Joey Rullo made, was very specific and regarding an issue I had no idea existed: the $300,000 expense account. Joey Rullo told me “On day one, for my first action, I will give the $300,000 governor expense account to veterans.” He plans on using the money to fund housing for homeless veterans in New Jersey, and host dinners and fundraisers with veterans.

The Working Class is For Joey Rullo

I have never helped campaign for a candidate in my life. Yet here I was, on the side of Route 72 in Manahawkin, waving a “Joey Rullo for Governor” sign. Rullo has traveled across the Garden State in a bid to get voters, but has spent less than $5,000. I expected barely anyone to honk their horns at us in support. On the contrary, the honking was constant. Like Trump, many in the working class support Rullo. How can I be sure of this? Well, aside from the veterans and working class volunteers in our group, every single truck or van with company or contractor emblems and writing honked their horns and gave enthusiastic thumbs up at us, except for about five. In the entire three hours I was there, on a busy intersection a Saturday seeing seventy-five or more trucks/vans of this nature, only three to five did not show us support by honking. I was letting others know to keep tally and notice this happening. It was surreal, absolutely unbelievable to see so much unity by those who work for a living. It was also amazing to see at least five cars with Rullo bumper stickers, while there were zero bumper stickers seen of other candidates.

Joey Rullo also has support of many working class who have been hurt by illegal immigration in New Jersey. Contrary to popular belief, industries have been absolutely savaged in the state. One industry is landscaping, a industry Joey Rullo has been involved in. he claimed that he and others would lose bids because other landscaping companies who take advantage of low-wage illegal immigrants are able to perform a major job for $1500-2500 less. The working class is being priced out. His tough stance on illegal immigration includes outlawing sanctuary towns and cities, which are proposed and in place for many towns in New Jersey.


The gubernatorial primaries are set for Tuesday, June 6th in New Jersey.