Manchester Seeks Unity, But Needs To Burn Down The House First

Manchester Attack

We saw the horrific attacks in Manchester, England claim the lives of 22 people, injure over 50 more and change the lives of families forever. As a global community we mourn, we toil over the all- too- real reality that it could have been one of our loved ones. We change our social media accounts to flags and we tweet out our prayers about the victims lost. Terror attacks have become so frequent now that we barely make a full stop when our busy lives are chugging down the track. We have become desensitized. We have become in some ways removed.

Manchester speaks to another side of our souls as we watched horrified parents search desperately for their children and terrified children wonder if they would ever again see their parents. The answer, we know for some, was no. This attack wasn’t just an attack on the west, an attack on safety, or government. It was an attack on our families. They specifically targeted a family heavy event, and an event that would be full of mostly young girls. Eight year old girls held their little sisters’ hands, mothers waited eagerly to pick up their kids, young couples went on dates, and selfless aunts wrapped themselves around their nieces to save them from death, none of which made it back home to their families.

We can mourn, and we should, we can cry and we can light candles but what we should be doing is taking real action.  Not violence from hate in our hearts, but action driven by the anger we feel for the slaughtering of our dead on walls, streets and concert arena floors. The truth is tolerance; diversity, more refugees and multiculturalism do not change the outcome. Since 2001, when the first tower fell in New York City the west began to see a slow rise in foreign terrorism that at this point has risen so much that in 2017, Europe sees a terror attack every 9 days. Almost once a week someone’s loved one in is killed in Europe. Does the whole of Europe rise up? Do they close their borders? Do they cry out to their government? No. They ask us to pray, pray for the lives lost to yet another tragedy. Now is the time to blaze ahead like our ancestors, and in a way, burn the house down.

The “house,” or structure that supports continued terrorism throughout the west, especially in Europe, must crumble. The foundation of this house is apathy, a general unwillingness to commit to the difficult efforts needed to push terrorism back and lack of interest, or concern for standing up to do anything at all. The government shows nothing but indifference to what is happening in its actions, if not giving tacit support. Its own globalist leaders have betrayed Europe. Europe’s “basement” holds skeletons that terrorists use to exploit the native populations. They attempt to bring so much guilt to its people because of these skeletons that the native people have let them invade their nations, even kill them without pushback.

The cushy part, the meat of the house, rather the middle, is hardest to unpack. Here live those who actively condone for these people to come in to their nations, make excuses for terror, or blame the victims for not doing enough. They provide the space, the money, the lodging for terrorists to grow. They see signs of terrorism, ISIS and other radical extremist materials and they stay silent. They don’t report those they believe are plotting terrorism or speak out against radicalization, and so by default, are condoning terrorism in their neighborhoods.

Perhaps, the trickiest part, and the part that makes it hard to burn down the house, is the roof. The roof is built of fear, keeping a lid on all the ugliness underneath. The natives fear being called “racist” or “islamophobic” for speaking against Islam, the ideology behind these massive radical attacks. They risk losing, friends, family, jobs, social standing and more by bringing forth their concerns during these dark times. There is fear from government leaders about retaliation, sanctions or backlash from some members of the public if they come out and take a hard stance against Islamic terror.

It’s time to bring these issues into the light, bring these real or imagined ghosts out of the basement and to illuminate the truth. Europe must rise up and fight against the radicals invading their nations. They must expect their leaders to take action against those causing harm to their people. Their leaders must not call for them to unite and yet do nothing to prevent a future attack. They cannot ask for prayers while letting a radical religious ideology fester behind their people’s backs. If Europe continues down the path they currently walk there is no hope for them, they will be lost. It’s time that Europe unites against the real enemy and burn the house down. No more fear, no more welcome signs, no more political correctness and passive acceptance, no more foundation for apathy and base for terror. Some may say that Europe’s house is already on fire, but after Manchester we must unite and light the roof on fire until the whole house of terror crumbles and burns to the ground.