Supergirl’s Season Finale May Have Destroyed The Series


If you think last season’s finale was terrible, wait till you hear about this.

Throughout this season, the writers for CW’s Supergirl already planned to insert their liberal bias into the show.

From using terms like alien refugees, to a “tyrannical” leader who wants to make the world great again, and not to mention the spread of fake news, you ought to know who the writers voted for during the 2016 U.S Presidential Election.

So if these writers are explaining that not all aliens are dangerous, who are they referring to? Illegal immigrants or refugees?

It definitely sounds like refugees since these aliens came from planets that were destroyed.

But you don’t see a special migrant in Europe or America with superpowers punishing the illegals and the extremists.

In the end, you think it sounds fair for a show to use real life events to explain the conflict in their show.

The problem however, is when the writers shove their liberal agenda to an audience that are mostly guys who just want to see superheroes kick ass.

It was an attack to President Donald Trump and basically told every Supergirl viewer who voted for Trump that they have no heart and that Trump is an evil dictator.

The writer for the final two episodes ‘Resist’ and ‘Nevertheless, She Persisted’ (Boy, they didn’t even try to hint that out) is Jessica Queller.

Just by reading what – and who – she retweets, you can tell what Jessica’s views and beliefs are.

Supergirl Season Finale May Have Destroyed The Series

So I assumed that CW was okay to hire a writer that believes that no fly zones are a good idea in Syria and that elections cannot be rigged… unless it goes in favour to the person you did not vote for.

Supergirl Season Finale May Have Destroyed The Series

But that’s not the worst part in the aftermath.

The final episode only had 2.13M viewers which was below FOX’s Gotham. The previous episode ‘Resist’, had only 1.929M. This was also short than of its season premier which had gathered up to 3.063M viewers.

The episode and it’s previous also received lots of criticism because of it’s political bias.

“The season may be almost over, but the CW’s Supergirl isn’t prepared to let go of its liberal bias, even at the end of the world. In the confusingly backwards minds of their writers, an administration like Trump’s is as bad as an alien invasion to the point where a president hiding the fact that she’s an alien is ok – so long as she’s still a Democrat, of course.” – Lindsey Kornick (NewsBusters)

Look, I love comics, and I like it when the government is involved.

CW’s Arrow proved it by showing the pros and cons of gun control and how fake news can hurt the office administration. It’s like if those writers had sympathy for Trump because of his constant attacks he receives from the media.

Supergirl however, did not care.

Jessica Queller may be a women’s health advocate and a TV show writer… but she is incredibly terrible in understanding what is false propaganda.

I mean, I’m surprised she didn’t write a line mentioning of rigged elections by foreign countries in the last episodes!

I like the show Supergirl, and I hope to see the main character Kara Danvers go down a darker path in the upcoming season.

But if they keep inserting their political bias, it’s going to be yet another show down the drain.