The Theory Of Islam, Linda Sarsour and Feminism

Let Us All Salute the Mediocre and Lousy Cultures of the World

Looking at Islam as a religion or ideology that can support feminism is simply a theory. Merriam Webster defines a theory as “A belief, policy, or procedure proposed or followed as the basis of action.” It is a theory because there is no concrete or factual basis on which to build Islam as an ideology that supports feminism modern or otherwise. Some like the abhorrent Linda Sarsour, pro-sharia, pro-hijab self described feminist attempt to make the case that Islam is a feminist religion or ideology.  The hijab serves two theoretical purposes, to show adherence to Allah, the God of Islam and to help male members of the Islamic faith not be tempted by moral sexual degeneracy. Islam claims that any man who sees a woman who does not cover herself or her hair is considered open and sexually available to him against her own will. We see this paradigm playing out with mass rape by Muslim gangs all across Europe of European women who are not covered and veiled.

Modern third wave feminism, teaches sexual liberation, sexual freedom and the idea that women should unabashedly embrace their sexuality in the west. They hold “My body, my choice campaigns,” “slutwalks,” rape culture seminars and the like, showing that their sexuality is in their hands and no one is allowed to control it or take it from them. This directly contradicts Islam’s forced veiling in most countries, the expectation that Islamic women not date, or fraternize socially with men outside their family as this may lead to sexual immorality or rape, which in many Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia are considered the women’s fault and are punishable by beating, or even death and shame to them and their families. There are no “slutwalks,” for those who wear the veil or are forced in to the hijab.

Another tenant of modern feminism is the idea that no man is in charge of a women or her sexuality. In Islam women are property from the day they are born. Young girls who haven’t even reached puberty are subject to Female Genital Mutilation, a process in which an older woman holds the screaming young girl down and crudely slices off her clitoris in an effort to make her unable to feel any sexual pleasure post puberty and therefore preserve her innocence for her future husband. Often in these same countries, young girls are married off to 40-year-old men as early as 6 years old. As they grow these girls go from being the property of their fathers and other male relatives to being the property of her husband. Islam doesn’t care about being married for love either, arranged marriage is common, just ask Linda Sarsour herself, who was forced in to an arranged marriage at the age of 17.

Married women must not show their hair, may not leave their home without a male guardian, may not attend a large amount of shops and cafes in several countries with or without a male accompanying them. For example, in Saudi Arabia if a woman would like Starbucks, her male driver or accompaniment must go in and order and retrieve it for her. Women aren’t allowed inside of Starbucks in Saudi Arabia.

Western feminism, preaches autonomy, they rail against the patriarchy and they fight against perceived inequalities. They want an equal amount of women street crossing signs as men street crossing signs in Australia, certainly they don’t align with a policy that doesn’t even allow them equality in the coffee line. Your average western feminist would be appalled at the thought of anyone calling her the property of her husband or worse, the property of a male relative say her brother, or her uncle.

The reality is Linda Sarsour, the woman set to give a commencement speech at CUNY who preaches Islam and feminism and totes the hijab as a symbol of feminism and freedom is just that, a theory, a fraud. It is a belief, the basis of her action which has no real evidence, no grounding in reality. She is a snake oil saleswoman peddling fake notions of Islam as an ideology of freedom from female oppression while with the other hand quietly trying to teach you how to tie your hijab. Ditch Islamic feminist theory and push forward in the freedom, choice, and autonomy of the west.