Marvel, I Love You, But You Need to Stop With The SJW Crap

Marvel, I Love You, But You Need to Stop With The SJW Crap

Marvel Comics has always been in a pickle when publishing storylines that relate to situations from back in the day to issues facing us now.

X-men comics back in the late 60s always gave a representation on how the minority community were not filled with just criminals but with heroes and also innocent people. Mutants were the minority, and they were the ones being hunted.

While Magneto believed Mutants were superior towards the human race because of their abilities, Professor X believed that mutants and humans will one day live in harmony.

I remember when I read the issue of the Amazing Spider-Man when Spidey meets President Barack Obama. That doesn’t sound so bad, right?

Of course it doesn’t!

It just shows that Marvel was keeping up with political changes. It is likely that there were racist arrogant jerkswho hated seeing the former president in a Comic Book, but it never really affected the sales ratings back then.

Today, it’s different.

Sales from Comic Books last year added up to $580 Million, just 1 million more from the previous year.

For example, one of Marvel’s biggest series, Civil War, published a 2nd part last year which contributed to the sales numbers earning $391,526. Unfortunately, the series did not make number one in 2016 for the most sales  of a comic book series.

One of the reasons why Marvel had a huge downfall last year was because of comic books displaying Social Justice content, such as storylines depicting organizations like Black Lives Matter within a future dystopia where officers are robots oppressing minority groups.

It’s clear that the writer of this story had a clear narrative on where he stands with officers and their relationship with African-Americans (Marvel later cancelled it due to poor sales).

Another possible cause of falling profits is the creation of new characters such as Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) who is a Muslim.

The problem is not that she is Muslim, but that part of her character arc is struggling with her faith and how people will label her.

Pretty bigoted of me to say, right?

Well, Captain America and Spider-Man never really talked about church or how people will label them. Fans don’t really care about the religious background of a character.

But once the background of the character is pushed, the reader can either be interested or bored, but because readers mostly just want to see chicks battle villains, is there a reason to hear the religious background of a new female character?

Probably one of the biggest reasons also was the dialogue that featured feminist talking points. Dialogue from characters such as Mockingbird and “Female Thor” had viewers responding negatively, leading the series to be cancelled early on.

Fans are sick of it. Especially when Marvel starts going political and attacking the new President – referring him as a villain.

It’s understandable that the majority of these writers are liberal, but if they continue to push their narrative in these beloved superhero stories, comic book sales will eventually go down enough to put the entire industry at risk.

Currently, comic book sales have gone down 5.74% from this time last year. Comics from DC’s Flash and Batman are at the top of the list with sales. Marvel’s popular comic of this year, Secret Empire, worsened in April.

Marvel Comics has always been an entertainment for people of different ages. But if they continue to push a narrative towards their loyal viewers such as understanding gender, and the wage gap myth, yes, they may appeal to SJW readers, but what will happen their loyal viewers who don’t need to hear that content?

What about to young conservative kids who know that TV is trash and just want to read a comic book about superheroes kicking butts?


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