Fraud: Will This be Our Undoing?


In the strange political and economic world we live in, we must look for hidden signals, like fraud, and keep our ears to the ground so we can try to discern real news. With stories exaggerated, numbers manipulated, and every corner cut and then recut it is very difficult to tell what the hell is going on.

Right now it appears the deep state, a secretive part of our government lurking in the shadows has been collecting all of our money while we suffer, die, or are even killed. We are the nobodies. The ones whose parents fought the hardest to get us outta these ghettos, only to fail. Watch us grow up and do the same stupid shit they did. The middle to lower-class people. People who in all likely hood are well on their way into the process of being ground into dust by the system.

Life was just so good-natured in the beginning. Perhaps our parents didn’t know better. When the dollar came off of the gold standard things were looking up. Getting credit for your dream home or car or boat was getting incredibly easy during the seventies and eighties. As a child standing straight up underneath the kitchen table, I remember my dad warning  my mother’s uncles about the fiat dollar. He said since it wasn’t backed with gold it was worthless paper.

About thirty-five years after that statement was made, we live in a country where the political and financial climate is nothing like that of the seventies and eighties. Now, of course there are changes over time, but nothing ever on this scale. For instance, the progress our world had made in the last century- the industrial revolution, the birth of the tech age, is almost the equivalent of thousands of years of human evolution. Some noticed the rise of momentum, but were told by well-meaning friends that ‘this is how it’s always been’. To be fair most of us weren’t living before the events of WWI, however, the scientific and technological advances alone are worth at least a millennia of progress in comparison with other advances made over more time in the past.

But there is always a price.

We are now living in the downturn of that magnificent era that you could even call the roaring seventies and eighties. This deep state, who has run the narrative for so long, is terrified that depending on how events turn out, Trump will end up winning the ear of the people. This battle is playing our right in front of us, but due to the avalanche of propaganda from the paid off corporate media, most people are blinded and distracted from the truth. The central banks, deep state and corporate media are all on the same team- fooling the public into thinking the economy is fine.

Even when things completely crumble as they have in Greece- the governments lie to the people, telling them they’ll handle it. Just a little more austerity, just a few more cuts to programs, just a little more patience while they watch their families starve, give up more assets from their property and watch the debt climb. The Grecians have done this before, did everything they were supposed to do, but alas, the central banks are insatiable. So until they are finished raping the people’s land of all the resources, they continue to lie to them and the rest of the world, trying to sell the ultimate illusion of the economy doing well.

“Oh we will raise the rates slowly to help the economy.” Janet Yellen says every time. No, no they won’t. The Federal Reserve, The National Treasury, are all components of the central bank for the United States. These organizations are full of globalist operatives working for them, and are doing everything in their power to tip us over into the crash, but only at the time of their choosing. These people realize how badly things are breaking down, they’ve already hit the trigger point. After all, the economy has already begun to roll over from here to China. People keep saying that other countries are about to drop the US dollar as the reserve currency of the world- when in fact this has already happened. Places like Greece and Venezuela are haunting evidence of that.

The auto-industry is about to do exactly what the housing crisis did back in ’08. Some have said that this can be the needle to pop all of the bubbles. Mainly due to the very same reason, fraud. Car lots go through times of desperation. Pressure to sell when last year’s cars are still taking up a great amount of space on the lot. While the new cars from the current year is in, and there is simply no room. Car sales have dropped that drastically.

U.S. sales were down in April for the big automakers: Ford fell 7% from April a year ago; General Motors, 5.8%; Fiat-Chrysler, 6.8%; and Toyota, 4.4%.

Volkswagen was the exception, rising 3.1% as the company paid off diesel owners in the emissions-cheating scandal and persuaded large numbers to stick with the brand.

For months people have been talking about the ‘Doomed auto bubble’. When things are this bad, auto companies decide to lend to sub-prime buyers. Which means people whose credit isn’t so great, and twenty percent of which had flagrant inaccuracies on their applications. Because they are forced to take just any customer, of course the defaults rise. So what good is it really? They get a few more cars of the lot, but they don’t get the cars paid for in most instances. Not to mention the market on used cars has gotten so bad, that they’re projecting a drop in used car prices, but up to fifty percent!

The used-vehicle price index from the National Automobile Dealers Association posted a 3.8% decline in February compared to the prior month. NADA also said wholesale prices fell 1.6%.

“We’ve seen a pretty dramatic move in 2016,” said Ally CFO Chris Halmy, adding that the downward trend is expected to continue.

“This situation should ultimately self-correct as new car sales come under pressure. That said, the biggest fear for investors is that auto OEMs become incrementally more price aggressive to support new vehicle sales,” Deutsche Bank analysts wrote in a recent note to clients.

Incentive spending in March rose 13.5% month-to-month, hitting $3,443 per vehicle, based on data from ALG, TrueCar’s (TRUE) research division. Those gains were slightly offset by an increase in transaction prices.

AutoNation (AN), the nation’s largest chain of dealerships, is down 5.5% this week. Shares of CarMax (KMX), Penske (PAG) and other dealers have also slipped. General Motors (GM) and Ford have lost 5.6% and 6.1%, respectively.

The kind of numbers cited above, put in simple terms- are apocalyptic for car sales. Pretty safe to say that the time has past for auto-lenders to be concerned. “When huge institutions like General Motors, and Ford’s start to go under, the country crumbling apart isn’t too far behind.” -My father in December of 2009.

This trend is systemic. Twenty-nine percent of college students admit to lying on their entrance forms. The fraud rate in the college debt equals that of the rate for fraud in auto loans back in 2008. Between the housing debt crisis, the auto loan defaults and ignored college loans delinquencies are surging.

We know how weak our economy is. It’s never recovered from the crash in 2008. The consequences have only been delayed. Like any problem that gets put off for too long, it’s festered and become much worse than they ever had to become. Twenty times, maybe a hundred times worse. Why on earth would we do that to our kids? Pretty much goes against everything a parent is supposed to protect your child from, and yet, we can’t stop. Most likely won’t stop until there is no longer a choice.