The Strange World of a Conservative Vegan


I just realized during the mass awakening about a year ago in our great country, that I’m a conservative and a Vegan. During my late teens and twenties, it seemed I was center pretty much with maybe a slight lean to the left. A very laid back person, not uptight. Gay, straight, transgender or any of the unscientific identities that people took on never bothered me. Sure I was raised a Christian, with very tight-laced moral values, but part of being a Christian is doing our best to reserve judgment on others, leaving this issue between that other person and God where it belongs.

And yet, the conservative Christians around me were prying into other’s personal lives, judging their moral standards over who they choose to love, or what sex or gender they identified as. As a young person this was highly restrictive to me. That feeling when you are that age and everyone in authority over you- which is about ninety percent of all people- keep telling you, no, don’t do this, don’t go there, sit here, look there, until you want to scream, ‘Shut Up!’

So naturally when you’re eighteen or nineteen years old you just want to get away from these intrusive people. ‘Please stop policing me’ you want to say to your parents, the people in church, in school, in the library. When you walk into a 7-11 store to pick up a coffee or a Slurpee these older people are looking down their noses at you, they scoff when you speak, and use this tone, as if to say, ‘I know you’re up to no good just because you’re a young person’. Could never understand that kind of discrimination. The more you smile and open doors for others the more suspicious they become. Some kind souls are surprised and may say thank you with grace, but most just act as if you are planning to burn the building to the ground when night falls, or at the very least go back by the dumpster and spray graffiti everywhere.

Knowing nothing of politics, I never really examined which side I gravitated to. In the brand of Christianity I was raised in, the political world and also the world markets were forbidden. Christ was our ruler. Not imperfect mankind, so our stance was neutral. As far as the stocks and bonds markets, that was considered a gamble, which it really is, so it therefore was prohibited. Since we have been living on a debt based system since before my birth, it was good advice. We also weren’t stupid when it came to politics. We knew it was a dog and pony show at least since Kennedy’s assassination, it didn’t matter what side you picked, especially after Reagan, they were all working for the same banks and corporations that were actually running the country. So staying out of politics was good advice too. Why get all heated about one side or the other when they were all on the same team in reality?

But policies and legislation was not all these groups did unbeknownst to me. The hard Christian right was something I was trying to escape without even realizing it. And the left, dear God- the left was happy to embrace me, and I didn’t see the sinister motive that was completely evident, but being politically illiterate I was completely blinded to it.

That’s the trap for most young ones. We want to rebel when we’re young. We want to act out of the boundaries set for us at home and in our communities. As a girl who was just beginning to understand the wonders of Metallica and Def Lepard, Ice Cube and Eminem- since I wasn’t allowed any radio growing up, the left carried a very strong appeal. Music is still a huge passion for me, and to be introduced to such a deluge and variety after only having the hymns I sang on the choir for so many long years- I was gone. As far from Christianity as I could carry myself.

After school or work I was in the dark industrial dance clubs, black lipstick, nail polish, eyeliner and lace. Smoking clove cigars, with the red ‘x’ on my hand which told everyone I was old enough to drink, even though I wasn’t, the doorman just thought I was cute. I was discovering how free it felt in a godless society. No judgment. You wanna cut all your hair off and dye it blue? Maybe tat your face up and put as many piercings you can fit onto your genitals? Hey, it’s all good. All thinking we were the renegades, the only ones who were awake, we were on the edge of the destruction of human life as we knew it. Y2K was going to hit on midnight, January first, the year two-thousand. The computers were going to melt the entire system down, and most of us were going to die young and beautiful, so nothing mattered. ‘Eat, drink and rejoice, for tomorrow we shall die’. The scriptural quote never left my mind, and in spite of the warning flashing in the back of my mind, that was exactly what I did. Lived like there was no tomorrow.

Also during my college days I began living as a vegan. For the animals. It pissed of my father. “Where will you get your protein?” This was the common response. Still is from many people. The sad fact is that there is much more protein and essential amino acids in plant based food than people realize, and two, people don’t need nearly as much protein as the FDA and others would have you believe. There have been many studies conducted proving this fact over the years. But people believe whatever is repeated the most, whatever makes the most money for the corporations, the bottom line.

In an article posted by a person that goes by the name of Nava in the online outlet VegKitchen there are many examples of plant-based foods that deliver just enough protein for the human body to thrive, and warns of the dangers of not paying attention to how much protein a person consumes.

The operative word here is sufficient–this is not a case where more is better. New York Times nutritionist Jane Brody writes in her Good Food Book, “There’s no need for an ordinary, healthy person to eat more than the RDA suggests.” Further, she writes that many Americans eat twice as much protein as needed. Excess protein can’t be stored, and its elimination puts a strain on the kidneys and liver. Too-high protein consumption is linked to kidney disease, cancers of the colon, breast, prostate and pancreas, and even osteoporosis.

Today I am so grateful that I developed a great work ethic from such a young age- like cooking and laundry by age seven. How to keep a home for my family and take care of large animals. The values I learned and strived to apply that came with studying the Bible. These are my feelings now, about this hectic childhood where I didn’t have much of chance to just be a kid.

In 1997 it was a completely different story. I wanted lawlessness. Wanted purple hair and safety pins in my left ear. As time moved on though and we recovered from things like the crash and nine-eleven, I grew and so did my principals. I had a young family and wanted the best for them. My nose was to the grindstone working and living for them.

Then somewhere around 2007 things began to change, just the whole energy of society. People were getting super offended over stupid things like tolerance, and everyone was so touchy about race again. Whenever there was a change of a president in the white house, the feeling changed in the country, and this time it was getting ridiculous, especially in the schools. The kids were doing these projects for Language Arts, Social Studies and other classes. Year after year as the kids brought home assignments that actually ordered them to create a dystopian society and culture. Either with poster board and colorful markers, or with pen and paper to actually create all the characters and places, documented that way. The whole ‘We are all the same’ mantra, along with virtue signaling that curled my ears. How we should accept every single culture and race as better than our own.

Never watched much TV and I was the type that really fought the Tech Age. Really fought it. Never owned a PC until ’07 and a laptop until 2011. The Internet was on, but those machines just sat there. The only time those machines were turned on was if I had to type something out. Just stopped going to the library and post office last year. So when I finally opened a Facebook account in December of 2015 it was a trip I was woefully unprepared for. The whole premise of me being on there was to keep an idea on what the kids were doing. I had no clue that they could post anything they wanted, and just change the setting so only I wouldn’t see it. Far from tech savvy then- and still am now.

To keep myself occupied when I woke up in the morning, I would post and share lovely landscapes and awesome animals. My news feed had just what I wanted on it, and it was pure joy for the most part everyday. However one day someone sent me a video by a young lady named Erin Janus entitled, “Dairy is Scary”.


My whole outlook changed after watching a few of these. Not so much guilt for the crimes I saw committed. However I wanted to help others to see what was going on. To stop it in anyway I could. I spent a few hours a day trying to educate others, and help people to understand what a toxic situation we were living in, and make them wonder why such horrors were covered up and lied about. If they were lying about this then surely they were lying about other things. The vegan red pill.

There came a point after I gained so many vegan friends and followers- that I was beginning to see that not everyone I was working with was there for virtuous reasons. So many of these people would call meat-eaters murderers out of the blue just for the sake of doing it. If they were engaging with someone who they knew had a pet or any farm animals they would say they were not animal lovers really, they didn’t love their pets. By virtue of eating meat alone these people were fair game to be called a hypocrite or a murderer; just for commenting on a post. Or some vegans were rude enough to shit post on other people’s timelines or their posts. Always the same tactic. If a person was known to eat meat, they got attacked by self-righteous vegans. These crazed rabid people even attacked their friends, family and coworkers. No one was off limits because after all- If you eat meat- you are automatically a murderer. If you drank milk or ate eggs you were deemed a baby killer as that milk did belong to a killed calf.

I could not act like these vicious harpies! They scared me worse than the crazy Christians from my youth. These people were devoted. The animals were gods and the cause of saving them- by insulting every other person you meet- became a loving sacrifice and a wicked war they waged, apparently with themselves.

Once you leave the echo chamber, life was normal again, unless you ran into one on the street, and they wanted to know why my kid was eating a hot dog. Then I- a vegan would have to endure the attacks. “How could you? You know every penny you give to those monsters pays their salary! I hope your kid chokes on that you fucking murderers!”

Then came the conservative movement, and I saw the difference between a godless culture that worries about bathrooms and gender studies and complete non-issues, compared to the common sense conservatives that I belonged to all along, and never knew it. That this is why I hated PC culture, and when did this stop being The United States of America? The liberals sure couldn’t tell you, even though it was the left’s communist and socialist ideologies that made our country into a bunch of cucks and pussies.

This is what it’s like to know a liberal vegan. Back then I had no idea these were crazed creatures that committed any insanity just to virtue signal. Just to assure and massage their own fragile egos. How could a good cause like reducing animal deaths, heart-attacks and cancer could turn into such a cult? It was so strange. Perhaps I was sheltered too much as a child and I couldn’t fully grasp the idiocy of the left. It’s the same racket as feminism, which I’ve never understood, or been able to stand. Or Black Lives Matter, or the Fucking Women’s March where they totally shamed our entire fair sex for the whole world to see with their beta-male cucks following closely behind them.

I had to get away. Don’t get me wrong. I still post a few memes, perhaps sign a petition or two if I have the time. But I could no longer spend more than a few minutes every now and then on this cyber-cause where these evasive individuals would try to swallow me whole while they bitched about puss in cow’s milk, and animal rape. I just couldn’t be a part of that.

Another thing was, I left it up to my children what they want to eat. Of course there was plenty of green juice and fresh fruit baby food. But if their dad took them to McDonald’s for a happy meal of poison, I couldn’t complain about it. It’s his kid too, and in the end, it’s up to the child what he or she is gonna do when they grow up enough to learn all the facts. You can lead a child to green juice and quinoa, but they have to consume it.

My friend Stef wrote an article on animal rights. She was anti-animal rights, and that’s her choice, I respect it. But more importantly I respect that she remained on the issues part of the discussion and not this loopy vegan ideology. In the end it is as anti-human as all the other ideologies that are similar. The human topic should come before all else. Until we can learn how to feed clothe and shelter every human being on the planet- and stop killing each other, then the whole discussion is moot and should be tabled until we’re ready.

Of course factory farming is an immoral disgusting practice that needs to end immediately. But volatile vegans attacking meat-eaters and shoving those awful videos down their throats is not the answer. The shaming, virtue-signaling bull shit that circulates coupled with vids of gore and death have actually made vegans and meat-eaters alike depressed and suicidal, because they regard the animals as superior beings, that we- us awful white people- set up in a system to destroy. I cannot tell you the number of sensitive over the edge people I’ve had to console, crying and sobbing because we ruin everything. Just another form of control. No crisis is wasted, and the liberals have made this one of their sickest ideologies. Right up there with ISIS in my humble opinion.

The final question should animals have rights? Yes.

Not on the same plane as human beings, but one day if we can ever take care of the humanitarian crisis that’s always been a part of life here on Earth, then rights for animals, plant life, trees, and any ocean life. Yes. They should all have rights. The Earth should have the right to remain a clean place. The vital trees and plants we need in the delicate eco system to survive should also. Even creatures as small as ants and bees should have rights, without all of these things and more the entire planet dies. In interest of our own lives, we should assign these things the proper honor. Of course nothing is equal, and that’s something that can be hashed out at a later time, when we are ready. But there is no rule saying we can’t try to be better people and live cleaner lives, showing respect for the earth, and all of it’s inhabitants.

There is nothing anyone can say to me that will convince me that all life doesn’t matter.

There is one more small note. If you study and believe the holy Bible, then you would realize that at the beginning of the human family, we were put here for a reason. To take care of the earth and the animals. That is what the God of the bible saw as good.

Proverbs 12:10, “A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.”

“As long as Man continues to be the ruthless destroyer of lower living beings, he will never know health or peace. For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.”