Dear Young Feminists: Stop Listening To Your Older “Sisters” Before They Ruin Your Life

Dear Young Feminists: Stop Listening To Your Older

The other day, I posted an extremely vile, cruel, oppressive, evil tweet. I called for the majority of women to be put in camps and sterilized. For those those that remained in the general population, I asked for Supreme Leader Donald J. Trump to enact laws limiting women to being stay at home baby machines, and for the repeal of all legislation which would hold women and men as equals under the law.

Oh, wait, just kidding.  I actually said this:

And Feminist Twitter™ was not happy with me.

I went straight from my awesome run/workout into an utter dumpster fire in my Twitter mentions.

(Always nice to see that while I was working out and attempting to improve my physical health, mental health, and beauty, feminists were in their usual comfort zone of hating on anyone who dares to enjoy being feminine and wander off the leftism plantation. The stereotypical jokes really do write themselves.)

I received dozens of replies to this tweet, running the gamut¬†from telling me that I “just don’t understand feminism”, to the usual reeeeee-ing cry that “gender is a social construct”.

This idea that gender is a “social construct” has been debunked so viciously and thoroughly at this point (I’ve touched on it, too) that I find my already-nonexistent respect for feminism stripped even further every time some angry highschool girl with designer armpit hair spews this nonsense that gender roles were decided by society.

I’ve been talking about feminism and ¬†gender issues since you were in middle school, I know what I am talking about, and if you are going to tweet your stupid talking points at me, I am going to make you look stupid.

In your words? Take a seat, check your privilege, and listen to a woman who is older, wiser, and more educated on feminism than you.

On the other hand, as much as I get a little bit annoyed at beating this dead horse, my argumentative side relishes the opportunity for a good antifeminist rant, so I did a periscope about the whole tweet debacle, including the clear fact that gender and gender roles are primarily biological, not societal:

As much as I’d love to write a book about all the ways feminism is dangerous and wrong (in fact, I hope to someday), today, I’d like to get back to the title and talk more specifically about one area in which older feminists are absolutely screwing the younger generation – especially younger women.

Children. Motherhood.  I write about these things a lot. Why? Because they are profoundly important.

Being a mother is the joy of my life. Nothing else compares to it. And to see young women acting as though they will be just as happy working at a desk 50 hours a week because Chelsea Wine-Handler told them to makes me deeply sad.

Dear young feminists, this is my letter to you.

Look, ladies. Young feminists. Young girls, in middle school, or high school, or college, trying to figure the world out just like I did.

Maybe one of you is actually reading this, or maybe my readership is comprised solely of those who already agree on this topic. Who knows. But I just wanted to address you directly: thank you for considering the opposing point of view. It’s more than many will do, and I applaud you for it.

I won’t apologize for the snarky tone. I won’t apologize for calling your beliefs stupid, because they absolutely are. I am eternally thankful for those who told me the unvarnished truth when I was learning, knowing that as an intelligent, thinking individual, I could handle the truth, no matter how it was presented.

Once you grow up a little bit, most of you will realize why I am so angry as an antifeminist, and it has nothing to do with hate. Quite the opposite. This is about love. Tough love, ladies. Tough love for the younger girls I see in my life every day that have fallen prey to the siren call of feminism.

Feminism is a failed experiment, the older feminists who push the movement are selfish, and if you listen to them without thinking critically, you run the risk of quite literally ruining your life. 

First, back to my tweet for a second. Many took issue with the idea that “most women” are happier when following traditional gender roles. Being moms. Being wives. Putting their family over their career.

Apparently, they think I’m just saying this because I hate women and don’t want them to have choices (???). But the fact is, what I said is completely correct. And studies ¬†prove it.

Most women want to be women, and most men want to be men.

I just commit the thought-crime of being honest about it. 

“But why can’t you just let people live how they want!” is the argument I hear a lot. Where do I get off telling people¬†how they should live their lives?

I have a dumb, but accurate, analogy for you.

Dear Young Feminists: Stop Listening To Your Older "Sisters" Before They Ruin Your Life
Worse than feminist armpit hair.

I hold a party with 30 of my closest friends (lol me with 30 friends). Everyone decides, hey, let’s order pizza. I go to the phone, I order several cheese, several pepperoni, and then a random half of one pizza with anchovies for my friend Michael, the weirdo who likes tiny fish on pizza.¬†All is well.

This is how we allow people to live how they want, in a sane society. We wouldn’t tell our friend that they can’t come to the party because they have gross taste in pizza. Sure, we might poke fun at them a little bit, but at the end of the day, we make an extra effort to accommodate their request because we want to make them happy.

Now enter feminism.

The same party, the same guests, but suddenly,¬†Michael has become Gloria Steinem. He likes anchovies on his pizza, damnit, majority be damned! How dare we call him an outlier! He isn’t okay with one half of one pizza covered in fish, oh no. We should make sure half of the pizzas in total are covered in fish. Hey, maybe even three quarters, to make sure we really stick it to the Cheese-Normative-PizzaPatriarchy.

Feminism is not about protecting exceptions to the rule. It’s about forcing those exceptions on all of society, and making them the rule.

And the most tragic thing about this? The analogy isn’t even complete. In my analogy, nothing is stopping the party guests from saying “screw you, Michael” and ordering more pizza that doesn’t taste like the bottom of a boat.

This is not true when we’re talking about feminism and children.

When women put off having children into their thirties or forties because they believe that they “don’t need no man” and that a career will make them happier than children… there is often no going back.

Feminism isn’t just about letting women “choose what they want”. The choice not to have kids is often devastating. And almost always irreversible at a certain point.

Feminists are mad because we hurt their feelings by not supporting their career enough (which is not something I have ever experienced in my own life, ever, at all). I’m mad because feminists try to stop young women from doing the one thing almost all of them want to do.¬† Permanently.

If you think I’m a mean, right wing, evil antifeminist, whatever. I’m used to it. But do you have no compassion for women like this one? Or ¬†this major feminist thinker? Or even this man?

Most women will want a family. Children. And all women, no matter how much we try and tell ourselves otherwise, are one hundred percent at the mercy of our reproductive biology.

If you do not have kids while you are young enough to have kids, you will be forced to pay thousands of dollars for fertility treatments (easy for the rich childless celebrity feminists, not so easy for most of us). And, after a certain point, even that will not work.

Am I saying no woman will ever be happy not having kids? Absolutely not. There are, and have always been, women who do whatever they want to do, even in a society that actively discourages it, let alone one which condones or even supports virtually all choices.

But I am saying that to project a tiny group of outliers as the societal basis for what we tell young girls about their future is evil. 

Some women will learn all of the realities of our biology, all of the statistics and likelihoods surrounding family and children, and still decide that they do not want children. That is perfectly legitimate and I wish those women all the happiness and fulfillment in the world.

But may I be damned if I stay silent as the feminist indoctrination machine lies to women about womanhood, motherhood, and the reality of the choices we make.

At 18, I was convinced I’d never want kids. Thank God I grew up. I suggest you do, too.