Harmless Hand Signals?

white supremacy

The newest dig that the insane left is pushing and pulling on is the ‘okay’ hand signal that’s been around longer than all of us. That symbol your hand makes when you connect your index finger with your thumb, letting the other three fingers spread out? This somehow means ‘white supremacy’ right along with just about anything at all that a white person says or does. Soon making white paper will be considered racist along with white out correction fluid, and sandy white beaches bleached clean from the sun and saltwater. Oh and jeez, maybe even snow.

Hand gestures that represent good and bad things have been around for probably about as long as people have. Since gestures are a known form of body language and communication, it only stands to reason that the very beginnings of human linguistics included some hand signaling and gestures. As we all know, there is an entire language made up of signs just for hearing impaired people to communicate. While not all gestures are the kind we would want to see put up in our face at certain times, they have always existed and probably always will. So why the concentrated hissy fit that the left is having? Actually accusing journalists that making the ‘okay’ sign is white supremacy? Who made this rule? Where did it come from?

While I cannot begin to examine the psychosis of the left’s collective thinking, we can explore where this symbol originated, and how it got the reputation it has today.

The news outlet Thrillist agreed that for most of us here in the States this hand gesture means, ‘everything is A-OK’. This has been the meaning here as long as I can remember. My mom’s uncles all showed it to me when I was knee high running around my grandfather’s shop. Doesn’t seem like a very sinister gesture if so many older men were teaching it to a three-year-old back in 1980.

The article goes onto say that this sign is usually made to show whoever you are with that you are okay, perhaps in a hazardous situation. Deep sea divers have always used it underwater in lieu of speaking since that could never be an option when you’re thousands of feet under water.

However, in certain parts of middle and southern Europe- not Spain or Portugal- the gesture is considered offensive. It can simply mean zero in France or Belgium. But when directed at someone, you are either calling that person a zero, or depreciating yourself as one. According to Wikipedia, all along the Mediterranean, like in Turkey, Tunisia, Greece, the Middle East, Brazil, parts of Germany and several South American countries, it’s interpreted as a vulgar expression. Like say, ‘You are an asshole’, or slang for the anus itself. This is also an offensive reference to homosexuality. So it’s not always an ‘okay’ thing to do. In Finland, this sign can be military slang, showing how many days a soldier has left until honorable discharge, or to taunt others that have may more days left to serve still. In basketball, this sign is used by the referee with both arms raised to denote a successful three pointer, the three fingers would show that it was indeed a three, not a two pointer. Sometimes a player would use this gesture to signal that he had just made a three pointer.

There is a very similar gesture, called the Vitarka Mudra -mudra of discussion- which is the gesture of language and communication- for the number zero- within the Buddhist faith. In yoga, the gesture is known as the Chin Mudra- the seal of consciousness- when the palm is face down, or Jnana Mudra- the seal of wisdom. In these mudras the middle, ring and pinky fingers represent the three gunas of rajas, tamas, and sattva which, when in harmony, unite individual and universal consciousness. The pressing together of the thumb and index represents that union, or yoga of consciousness.

In Japan and Korea, when used with the back of the hand facing down and the circle facing forward, it can mean money, change, or coins. In Australia and Portugal, it can either mean okay or zero. In Hong Kong, it can mean either ‘okay’ or ‘three’. ‘Zero’ is represented by a closed fist. In most continental European countries, when the sign is placed over the nose, with the nose protruding through the O made by the thumb and index finger, it means drunk. The origins of this idea most likely stemmed from the gesture of tipping a bottle while drinking.

In the Arab world, the sign represents the evil eye, and is used as a curse, usually in junction with verbal cursing. According to many Occultists, it is the number 666, due to the circle and three numbers behind it. The sign is also associated with the Illuminati, or Freemasonry.

This gesture is also associated with the ‘circle game’ which can range from simple horseplay to deliberate bullying. Players attempt to trick other ones into looking at the symbol held below the waist, which allows them to punch the other person.

Another organization called Know Your Meme broke more recent developments when it comes to the now dreaded ‘okay’ sign. Here is a rough approximation of what was found there.

On April 9th, 2015, conservative Viner Pizza Party Ben posted a video of himself making an okay hand gesture while saying, ‘We should chill’ with the description, ‘White guys be like’. If this is an idea of racism or white supremacy, it’s ridiculous. There are so many little snippets like this all over social media for every sex, gender and species. It’s an equal, across the board kind of thing. No one ever escapes the ‘be like’ category. However sometime during the 2016 election, Pizza Party Ben and Milo Yiannopoulos began making the gesture together at various events supporting the candidacy of Donald Trump. This could be dismissed as a fad. A gesture that the younger people are doing this month or year or whatever. They’ve done much worse for the sake of a trend.

On November 9th, 2016, Yiannopoulos posted a photo of himself and Viner Mike Ma making the gesture at President Trump’s election party. On December 3rd, Malik Obama tweeted a picture of himself making the symbol while wearing a Make America Great Again hat on, along with the caption, ‘I look like Pepe the Frog’. Within four months the tweet gained over fourteen-thousand likes and seventy-four hundred retweets. I’m still missing how this symbol, along with Pepe, is a racist sort of behavior?

On February 13th, 2017, Gateway Pundit founder Jim Hoft tweeted a photo of himself and White House correspondent Lucian Wintrich standing behind the White House press briefing room lectern while making the same hand gesture. That same day the progressive watchdog group Media Matters published an article about the photo calling it a ‘hate symbol’. Also the Media Matters official Twitter account tweeted the article, calling the gesture a ‘racist Pepe hand signal’. Whatever that means. Needless to say Media Matters was mocked mercilessly for labeling the gesture, and Pepe as symbols of hate.

After this point the whole ‘racist’ accusation was a joke. On March 7th, the news site Mediaite published an article entitled, Is That Cute Kid Trump Met at the White House Today Making the Pepe Symbol?” This article highlighted a video which showed the young man making the hand symbol as he was leaving the White House that day. By the tenth of March Ian Miles Chong tweeted photos of several celebrities making the symbol along with the joke, “Look at all these white supremacists giving the ‘white power’ sign..”. The biggest photo displayed was of the rapper Drake, who is far from white, but yeah, left logic, go figure. Then on April 11, YouTuber FaceLikeTheSun uploaded a satirical video about conservative journalist Mike Cernovich, claiming that the ‘okay’ symbol is really a gesture for ‘666’ a Satanic number. Back in February of this year 4chan users launched Operation O-KKK to flood all of social media with posts claiming that the ‘okay’ hand symbol was a sign ‘of white supremacy’. There was also what appeared to be a diagram of a hand making the sign, denoting the three upturned fingers as a symbol for a ‘w’, and the thumb and index to form a ‘p’. People tend to see what they want, not what is actually there.

Then On April 28, Fusion reporter Emma Roller retweeted a photo of reporter Cassandra Fairbanks and Mike Cernovich along with the fallacy of a caption, ”Just two people doing a white power gesture in the White House”. Within three days, the tweet had gained over seven thousand likes and sixty-seven hundred retweets. The same Day Roller also made sure to retweet the 4can OP-KKK image as what she considered evidence. Poor gal didn’t know that 4chan spend their time trolling everyone they can, just for this sort of outcome. Another good example would be the ‘Dossier’ that they quietly put out, causing Pee-gate.

The next day, Tim Pool retweeted Roller with the comment, ‘Journalism is dead’, which got over nine-thousand likes and forty-one hundred retweets within two days. Pool also posted a video entitled, ‘4chan Has Become Too Powerful’, which discussed how easy it was to troll all of these people apparently.

On April 30, The Independent published an article explaining that the true white power symbol involved using two hands, holding one in the position of a ‘w’, next to another hand forming the letter ‘p’, according to The Anti-defamation League. Buzzfeed had to jump on at that point and write an article which was called ‘The Trump Internet Keeps Making Fake Hate Symbols, And People Keep Falling For It’. Thanks Buzzardfeed.

Later on, on May 2nd, The Observer actually got a statement from Mike Cernovich denying any knowledge of white power. In fact, he said it was inspired by the black power couple Jay-Z and Beyonce. “It started off as a joke about Jay-Z, he and Beyonce used to do it, and some said it was an Illuminati symbol. We started doing it as a joke and it took on a life of it’s own.” .

Which is a crazy but true example of how bad the left can skewer something- anything if we give them the opportunity. However vigilant we must remain though, we can’t stop living our lives, and enjoying joking around with our buddies, just so certain enemies won’t use this or that against us in the ‘if and maybe’ future. Like Cernovich and Fairbanks we have to live our lives to the fullest and say damn all the rest. And that my friends is A-OK.