PEGIDA: Islamophobia or Canadian Values?

pegida canada

In America, there are Republican groups such as; Latinos for Trump, Blacks for Trump, Arabs for Trump, Californians for Trump, you get the idea. These groups and other Republican student groups on campus usually organize rallies that discuss issues relating to free speech, censorship, values and politics.

Here in Canada it is completely different. We have different groups such as Canadian Coalition of Concerned Citizens, Rise Canada, and PEGIDA. Although the first two groups are run by people of color, PEGIDA is actually from a movement based in Germany.

PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) believes that Germany is becoming Islamized, and aims to oppose any islamic extremist doctrine that is brought forward to Germany. They are considered by the liberal media as a ‘far right’, ‘Islamophobic’ organization.

Last weekend, I went to one of their protest in North York to understand their agenda. The group there was very much diverse. There were Middle Easterners, Far Asians, South Asians and Europeans. Their message was clear: Trudeau is a traitor and Hey hey, ho ho, Justin Trudeau has got to go.

Speaking in Toronto on Friday of March 10, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister Ahmed Hussen told reporters that Canada will give 119M in Nigeria, South Sudan, and Yemen.

“These 20 million people need humanitarian assistance now,” he said at the Keele Street Community Hub. “We know that Canadians care and want their government to respond to the needs of people in these regions.”

Hussen also spoke in Vancouver at an event held on  March 30th about his plan to get new immigrants in Canada steady employment. For the past years, immigrants have expressed their reality of not looking for work since their arrival to the country.

Hussen later said that Ottawa will would commit $27.5 million over five years, starting in 2017.

This is a huge concern for many Canadians! Many Canadians have paid into the system and are finding their pockets hit by the liberal government here in Canada.

Unemployment has increased dramatically in Ontario, Alberta and other provinces. People are having trouble paying their HYDRO bill and their debt has been increasing.

PEGIDA and many other Canadians have grown tired of seeing how their government has literally sold themselves out to the globalist elites hurting many Canadians. They decided to march outside of Hussen’s office building to stand up to the minister and his recent choices.

PEGIDA isn’t a movement that hates Muslims but rather dislikes the radical ideology it bringsin the hands of immigrants with no interest in assimilating into Canadian culture.

Many Canadians at the protest explained why they are there protesting. In the crowd, there were immigrants, people of color and also a veterans who had been stationed in Afghanistan.

The banner they displayed had their name and their slogan. It also had a design of different radical ideologies being thrown in the trash such as Nazism, Islam and Communism.

The crowd explained they are just Canadian patriots who want Canada to keep their traditional values. They believe if someone coms from a different culture that has laws and customs that contradict Canada’s should not enter the country. They feel immigrants should either adapt to Canadian values or stay out.

The leader of PEGIDA Canada told the crowd to have a moment of silence for those Muslims and others who have died in the name of extremism in the Middle East. After that, they sang the Canadian National Anthem.

Whether you call them. Rise Canada, KROOPS, Kevin J. Johnson’s group or PEGIDA their mission is the same and quite simple…they don’t hate refugees, immigrants or Muslims. They just feel people who want to immigrate should want to also assimilate.

There is a football field of difference between supporting the assimilation of immigrants and Islamophobia. I know where I stand, so does PEGIDA.