Justin Trudeau’s Refugee Tweet Started A Human Trafficking Ring


Justin Trudeau is that type of guy you know from high school who wants to score points with everyone. From taking selfies with refugees, to saying that Canada has a problem with police brutality to be more tolerant towards Black Lives Matter. All this man wants to do is be popular towards the youth.

If you ask youth their thoughts on Trudeau sending millions of dollars to Saudi Arabia, they will say they had no clue he did that. But they will talk about how great his hair is.

I’m being serious.

Every non-Trump voter praises Justin Trudeau because he is not like Trump. They praised him when he visited President Trump at the White House and gave him the glory for his different response than Trump’s at the press conference there.

Almost every comment from liberal outlets  shows that Americans deserve a president like Justin Trudeau. I then, usually respond that as a Canadian citizen, here in Canada; things are actually worse than in America with regards to unemployment and the economy.

Trudeau on social media is displayed as a sex symbol to girls and an example of “leadership” to the youth.

His response to Trump’s temporary ban on terrorism-prone countries just give him more popular points.

“To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada

So you think Diversity is really our strength? Well, what happens when people believe in your lie and decide cross the border from America illegally?

It has been reported that at least 435 people illegally crossed into Canada in Manitoba, Quebec, and B.C. in first 7 weeks in 2017.

But that’s not the breaking news here though.

The Rebel Media’s Faith Goldy visited an illegal border crossing in Champlain, New York where she captured actual human trafficking.

This human trafficking network is where “refugees” could cross the border into Canada for a fee and there is a process for that to go through. These “refugees” are mostly single men from the Middle East, illegally entering from the United States to Canada.

Town Taxi, a cab service is providing special services for “refugees” or as they refer to them as “border jumpers”.

Victor, the head of the cab company, explains that the special service guarantees illegal entry to Canada for a fee. His company’s service ensures for the people to make it across the border safely.

He later adds in that those who cross the border illegally usually get caught by border patrol.

He also states that he is worried that those people who are crossing into Canada illegally may not have good intentions.

So the method of his company is to bring those refugees into the office, look through documentation, have like some sort of interview, then they are off to illegally cross into Canada.

Every driver first stops into the office so they can have the interview with the refugee before they take them across the border.

Runners or brokers are people who profit by bringing these “refugees” into Canada. These people bring families from like Virginia to Plattsburgh and pay these drivers to drive them across the border and not get caught by border patrol.

Town Taxi is not the only organization that is profiting over these “refugees.” There are other cabbies who have admitted to participating in this trafficking system.

So to make it clear, let’s use an example.

Abdu, a male from Baltimore, maybe pays at least $500 to the broker Chris, who takes him to Plattsburgh to meet a cab driver from Town Taxi. Then Chris pays the driver to take him across the border, probably spending $235. Abdu goes into the headquarters of Town Taxi to go through the process and leaves and makes it across the border. So this means that Chris made a profit of $265, Town Taxi made a profit too and Abdu without no screening, is in Quebec and can do anything he pleases if he is in sanctuary city because it protects him.

So what does the mainstream media have to say on this?


No report on it. Unfortunately for them, the saddest part is that in less than a mile from the illegal human trafficking ring, there is literally a NBC studio right there in the area.

Is the mainstream media this dumb to report this illegal system that is happening one minute drive from them? Or do they know about it but can’t report it or else they would be considered racist for preventing “refugees” from entering Canada?

Oh boy, you see Trudeau? This is what happens when you open your big mouth on Twitter and say Canada is open borders for everyone.