Media Indictment: The 2004 Sarin Gas Incident

media indictment

In 2004, a Naval EOD Team set about their tedious task of clearing IEDs in the Basra region of Iraq during the 2nd Gulf war. For this team, they were in the usual mindset of it being a “routine” mission. Upon arriving in the target area, a female EOD operator was tasked to defuse a large artillery shell, the preferred platform for Al Qaeda to create IEDs. What was to be a completion of a successful defusing of ordinance went sideways very rapidly.

Unknown at the initial stage of defusing the IED, the artillery shell was preloaded with Sarin nerve gas. The operator noticed a sweet, bubblegum kind of scent. Within a split second, she ordered her team member and the rest of the squad to evacuate the area. Her actions saved the team member and the rest of her squad, but unfortunately she was overcome by the Sarin gas fumes; she managed to administer Atropine, thus saving her life. Unknown to the American public, Al Qaeda has obtained Sarin nerve gas and made 20 attempts to attack US military personnel with the weapon, all unsuccessful. The signature trace elements of the gas pointed that it originated from Saddam’s stockpile, the same stockpile the Mainstream Media reported did not exist.

In 2003, then Secretary of State Colin Powell went before the UN Security Council, making the case for the need to invade Iraq. The Mainstream Media in full “drive-by” mode initiated the narrative “Bush lied, people died” pushing anti-war sentiment to an all-time high throughout the liberal enclaves in America, to which in later years Colin Powell stated there was a grave error in the gathering of intelligence which led Bush in starting the 2nd invasion of Iraq. Further evidence, though not fully confirmed points to Iran providing the chemical materials and support to Al Qaeda.

A warning about the gas was sent to U.S. military commanders and allies, but it had no specific information. In Baghdad, senior army officer Lieutenant- General Mohammed Amin described the report as ‘ridiculous’. He added: ‘This is a ridiculous assumption of the American administration. They know very well we have no prohibited substances.

More than a decade ago Iraq issued the same sort of denial until forced to admit that it had made and stockpiled VX, Sarin and Tabun gases. Washington Post, New York Times, Newsweek, and many other liberal publications sat on the story for years and will not disclose any of this to the American public. The reasoning from their position is that it kills the “Bush lied, people died” narrative and any opportunity to destroy the Bush Administration with scandal. April 7, 2017: Syrian civilians were hit with a Sarin nerve gas bombing, killing scores, including infants. This is possibly the same Sarin with the chemical precursors from Saddam’s stockpile. Don’t hold your breath for the Main Stream Media to report this.