Ban Transportation? No, We’re Not Kidding


The left has a way of imposing a ban whenever something bad happens, and, well, something bad has happened yet again. Everyone who has a mind and a memory that keeps up with current events is shaken by the terrorist attack which occurred in Stockholm, Sweden the other day.

It was something from a ghoulish nightmare. So horrible. The kind of thing children should never hear about, much less see. If they happen to, it would make any kid lose their breath for a second, shut their eyes tightly and pray it never happens to them, pray that they will never witness such an act in their real day to day life.

Hell, adults who’ve seen it have done the same.

In this attack, a child was not only a witness, but a victim. A beautiful eleven year old little girl by the name Ebba Akerlund.

Ban Transportation? No, We're Not Kidding
11 year old Ebba Akerlund.

Such grotesque, bitter cruelty can only be classified as demonic, on a deeply depraved level. And yet, how do we approach this?

All day today, I’ve been seeing reports that Sweden taking is the lead in considering banning cars and trucks.


Kind of like a gun ban, except we would all have to give up our transportation, and somehow still live our busy lives.

Would public transportation still be available? If so, whose to say some maniac isn’t going to get in the driver’s seat of an unlucky bus, and terrorize all over again? Since there will be more pedestrians than ever before, we’ve just given a potential bad guy open season.

So we’ll only have the subway and elevated train stations, and we’ll walk the rest of the way. Unless you live in the motor city like me. Guess we’ll just have to take our chances with the buses.

But what’s to stop the criminal terrorist from leaving a chemical or explosive bombs on one of the subway trains? Heck, they could still bring bring a knife into their own car and stab four or five people or more before they even make it to their next stop. An automatic weapon could be much worse. Should we just ban all modes of transportation?

What about knives and other sharp objects that normal people use everyday?

Should we all just get rid of our knives and cutlery, toss out the scissors and the sewing kits? After all, a terrorist could be anywhere.

So now we are all walking, we will have to find jobs closer, in the neighborhood, limiting what we can do for a living.

Well, hell, in some places on the Internet they show you how to fight more efficiently, how to make explosives.

Sh*t, by this logic, we had better burn all the books and shut the Internet down. If no one learns these things, then we’ll be safe, right? Why bother to read or write any longer if people have censored all of their own content? Then we won’t have to send our kids to school, another place where a terror attack could occur.

Why are we even bothering to walk upright? Perhaps we should go back to crawling on all fours like we did thousands of years ago.

The fact of the matter is, people killed each other even then. With less, and over much less.

Ever seen that t-shirt, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”?

Are we seriously going to have to make one that says “Trucks don’t kill people, terrorists kill people”?

Unless automobiles, guns, and kitchen knives have developed consciousness and have become sworn enemies of the human race, what the hell is going on here?

“Cologne Carnival Issues Truck Ban For City Centre” – Actual title of a Breitbart article from almost two months ago.

“Authorities have issued a ban on all trucks in the city center ahead of the upcoming Cologne carnival in an effort to prevent a repeat of the Berlin Christmas market attack.” The article reads. “Due to the number of sex assaults, police had considered advising migrant center managers to discourage or ban migrants from attending the events. The police were heavily criticized for the suggestion and were forced to apologize.”

Wow, so you can’t remove the perpetrators of these crimes, and when the police tried, they had to apologize. To the criminals.


Ban Transportation? No, We're Not Kidding
Maximum Overdrive


Several have satirized about the possibility of a Maximum Overdrive type situation being the real problem here – these sentient super-beings are just out of control!

To be honest, if automobiles do become ‘terminators’ they would never let us install a ban.

Maybe they would make us apologize to the vehicles. Just saying.

These satirists have a valid point, however silly the comparisons to Stephen King’s worst movie may be.

Why are we banning transportation we need, instead of stopping the steady stream of strong, fighting age, mostly male refugees coming into our countries? All week there has been a steady stream of headlines like this, and like an infectious virus it just spreads.

This is not just a joke, as much as we may wish it was. They’ve already made it illegal to drive a truck on Sundays in Germany, Italy and France. Well, after the “truck attack” in Nice, what did we expect?

That they would get down to the root of the problem?

Sweden finally came to it’s senses today and proclaimed that they will “Never go back to mass immigration” after the recent attack, according to the Swedish prime minister. 

Well duh. Finally.

Pity is that no matter how many truck bans you impose, or if you put some corks in the holes in the immigration dam, the refugees are there already, sleeper cells included.

The bitter truth is, if someone wants to kill you, they can pick up a good sized stone from the side of the road. Will we ban rocks next?

Banning important transportation is as silly as shutting down the internet, or burning books.

And it won’t bring those poor souls back.