Halsey News Announces Media Indictment With Marc Comvalius

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For Immediate Release

Union, New Jersey –April 7, 2017 – Halsey News, the flagship site of the Halsey News Network is proud to announce the addition of Marc Comvalius to the Halsey News team. Marc will be contributing a weekly column called Media Indictment with Marc Comvalius, highlighting the bias in the media and its effects on different segments of society. Marc has been featured in such publications as the Washington Examiner.

“Halsey News strives to be a home connecting both seasoned journalists and those just entering the field. In a world dominated by traditional news sources, Halsey News Network looks to be a home for those writers looking for a voice and a microphone to be heard. Halsey News has both and is proud to use it,” said Halsey English, Editor-In-Chief of Halsey News Network “With all the future plans of the Halsey News Network we think the addition of Marc will be a turning point as we branch out into further areas. We are including Marc in the development plans for future web properties and are excited for his growth with us. We have extreme confidence he will live up to our expectations”.

The Halsey News Network was founded as a voice for those on the Left and Right to not only express their commentary on the most important issues but be a place where no argument is rejected as long as it can be backed up. Stay tuned for lots of big things to be announced.

For more information on the Halsey News Network visit https://halseynews.com

The Halsey News Network was founded in 2017 by Halsey English and Stefanie MacWilliams as a new voice for a new generation. Designed to be a home for those wishing to get in the game from a non traditional media space, the Halsey News Network looks to unite all media under a flag of fact filled debate.


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