Merkel: Rock, Meet Hard Place

Merkel: Rock, Meet Hard Place
By Tom Luongo
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One of the great questions in physics is what happens when an immovable object is acted upon by an irresistible force. Well, geopolitically speaking, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is about to find out.

Her first meeting with Donald Trump went about as well as Hillary’s election night party at the Javits Center. The only glass being broken last week was Merkel’s water cup when Trump presented her with a $375 billion bill for past club dues to NATO.

Any illusions that Merkel had about being the voice of the Globalist Oligarchy’s opposition to Trump were dispelled during the now-famous post-meeting photo-op.

And the reality that Trump is no lightweight who will change the conversation between the U.S. and its ‘allies’ sunk in immediately. Merkel was at a meeting in Hanover with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and made an immediate pivot towards Russia and its President Vladimir Putin.

Putin and Trump are two sides of the same coin or, to quote Tom Stoppard, “the same side of two coins.” They are staunch patriots standing in resolute opposition to the globalist scheme of universal serfdom.

And Merkel is trapped between them.

Self-Inflicted Wounds

Merkel’s political career hangs by a thread right now. She knows this. She also knows that her failing support is because of a series of conscious policy decisions that have the German people questioning who she actually works for, the U.S. or them.

It started with the Russian sanctions over Crimea. The U.S. regime change operation in Ukraine she supported despite sincere reservations from many EU foreign ministers. German industry has deep ties to Russia, especially in the important state of Bavaria, where trade has fallen by half since 2014 to just €7.62 billion in 2016.

Next came the hard negotiations over Greece’s third (and unwanted) bailout which has turned Greece into a Third World nation trapped within a failing EU. Lastly, her policy morphed into the importation of millions of refugees from MENA (Middle East, North Africa) which is tearing the EU apart so she could soften her image.

Merkel, the ex-Stasi, moldy old Commie that she is, wanted a Nobel Peace Prize to springboard her re-election campaign. Now, she has to figure out a way to reverse course with former European Parliament President and leader of the Social Democrats (SPD) Martin Schultz polling ahead of her.

Schultz is no better than Merkel, in terms of being a shill for the Globalist super-state. From that perspective, this is a case of no matter who wins, Merkel or Schultz, the world loses. But, this is the path Germany is on and it doesn’t seem that they want to truly change course, politically.

Merkel: Rock, Meet Hard Place
Vladimir Putin

Operation Save Merkel

However, that does leave Merkel with some options over the next seven months to regain her political footing. And her offering an olive branch to Putin over matters of international security is one of them.

Anti-Russian economic sanctions were re-upped for another six months recently by the EU’s 28 finance ministers. They vote the way Germany tells them to, despite some public protestations. Another vote will be required between now and the German elections, presumably in October.

If Merkel begins laying the groundwork now for lifting the sanctions as well as acceding to reality that Crimea, and by then likely Dontestk and Lugansk, is now Russian territory then that would be a major diplomatic feather in her cap domestically.

The article I linked to above with respect to Bavaria’s trade with Russia collapsing is primarily about Governor Horst Seehofer visited Moscow and met personally with Putin. While no policy changes were in the offing, it is obvious that Seehofer was there on express orders of Merkel herself to begin changing the dialogue between Germany and Russia.

Because, the U.S. is pulling back from its post-WWII role as guardian of Europe. Trump realizes that the costs are unsustainable even as he continues Obama Administration policies of assisting the Saudis in Yemen, a political disaster in the making (but, that’s for another article).

Trump will not support the ambitions of the Globalist Oligarchy as spear-headed by Merkel. She’s all they have left now that Hillary Clinton has been reduced to the crazy-cat lady of the American Left, making futile phone calls to insert Chelsea back into the political landscape.

And don’t think for a second that Trump didn’t put on a bit of a show for Merkel. With the Democrats committing hara-kiri on a daily basis beating the “Russia Hacked Muh Election” nonsense, Trump can’t make direct overtures towards Russia.

But, he can send Merkel over there, unwittingly, to do his bidding of opening up relations with Russia while not appearing to do so. And, Merkel is the perfect person to do this because Germany and Russia have such strong economic ties and an enormous future together.

Gazprom’s Nordstream pipeline expansion project will double the amount of natural gas Germany buys from them. It’s necessary for future German growth. Putting German interests first on these issues vis a vis Russia will separate her from the EU-toady Schultz.

To my mind, this is the only realistic option Merkel has of getting re-elected. If she doesn’t do these things then you’ll know who she truly works for and in the process will get crushed.