Mainstream Regressive Censorship [VIDEO]


“You’re his competition, he’s not gonna have you on his show.”
Gary from Queens, a caller into the Savage Nation broadcast was explaining to Dr. Savage why other competitors weren’t ever having him as a guest on their shows .

“My question is that he has other bestselling competitors on, and yet he never says my name, ‘Michael Savage'” Why is that? I’ve been around for twenty two years, he must have heard of me.

“You sell books, he sells books. You have a political commentary, he has the same thing. It’s just the way it is.” Gary from Queens told him.

Dr. Savage is very well aware of the censorship that he’s been up against all this time, and how much worse it’s gotten of late. How the advertising and the mainstream media have blackballed him, his show and his message. No, Dr. Savage would not be placated.

“The question is, Fox news, they have a multitude of guests, on a wide variety of  topics, here I am a conservative, a David against the Goliath of the media. I get a number one best seller on the New York Times with absolutely no help from them! Fox news doesn’t want me on their show well that says more about them than it does me. It’s a huge story Gary.”

Dr. Savage is experiencing what many alternate news outlets and personalities are experiencing.

Blatant censorship.

Whether it’s absolutely no coverage, not from one news organization in twenty-two years, or having all of your vids ripped off of YouTube like Paul Joseph Watson or Pew Die Pie.

If anyone in the mainstream establishment disagrees with you, they just make you disappear.

Good thing it’s not still the Dark Ages eh?

But ‘the numbers do not lie’. Dr. Savage does indeed have many best selling books in spite of how ignored he was by the MSM. Alternate media has indeed exploded with hundreds of millions of viewers a week, shouting down the establishment media’s paltry few hundred thousand.

You know, like when you were a kid and mom said you couldn’t have the butterscotch candy on the store counter? After it was forbidden it became sweeter in your mind.

You know how we always wanna do the stuff we are not supposed to do?

Once they said we couldn’t do it then we had to do it. It became much more imperative than our real duties and responsibilities.

Alternate media is ‘the new Punk’.

The more they tell us not to dig for the real story, the more of us write and report them.

The more they tell the public that we are the ‘fake news’, the more curious others become, and soon they’re hooked on Alex Jones or The Rebel Media. There are too many of us telling the truth. The deception media has completely underestimated us.

But why this regression of our society? Wasn’t the Internet created so we can enlighten each other?

What’s up with a bunch of people hoarding all the real data, and then dishing out lies to the public?

When are human beings going to see that we are all just different parts of the same puzzle?

The more we hurt each other, the more we hurt ourselves.

Like different colors and threads in a weaved  cloth.

If you burn just one of the threads the entire piece unravels.

The whole cloth becomes worthless.

We are all part of a very complex structure here on the earth. We all need each other, without our opposing traits and views we can never make up one whole.

The censorship is beneath us and needs to be terminated once and for all.

We know more than enough history to show us where this radical division between us will end up.