Latasia of Libertarian Lesbian Joins Halsey News Network As A Weekly Columnist

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For Immediate Release

Union, New Jersey –March 28, 2017 – Halsey News, the flagship site of the Halsey News Network is proud to announce that Latasia of will be joining the team as a weekly guest columnist. Her column, Voice of a Libertarian Lesbian, will be a thought provoking perspective when identity and political views seem to clash. Latasia brings with her a unique perspective of her journey to the Right at a time when surrounded by the Left. Her columns will be published every Tuesday.

“Latasia is one of those writers whose perspective and views are greatly needed in a world where most people who think alike, look alike,” said Halsey English, Editor-In-Chief of Halsey News Network “As we strive to incorporate as many different viewpoints as we can, the addition of Latasia’s column, Voice of a Libertarian Lesbian is a welcome addition”.  

The Halsey News Network was founded as a voice for those on the Left and Right to not only express their commentary on the most important issues but be a place where no argument is rejected as long as it can be backed up. Stay tuned for lots of big things to be announced.  

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The Halsey News Network was founded in 2017 by Halsey English and Stefanie MacWilliams as a new voice for a new generation. Designed to be a home for those wishing to get in the game from a non traditional media space, the Halsey News Network looks to unite all media under a flag of fact filled debate.

I’m a former Liberal who noticed the progressives were getting out of hand and did some research. I’ve created the website, along with my blog and podcast to share why I’ve since moved further to the right. So if you’re a Liberal that dares to hear another side of the story, a Republican who can stomach the fact that I’m gay, or a Libertarian that’s excited to find another Libertarian, I’m here to provide a perspective that isn’t seen too often.


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